What is the Full Form of AQI?

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The AQI full form is the Air Quality Index. With an increase in population, we can witness a major rise in the AQI level. AQI is the measurement of air quality. Pollution increase is directly proportional to pollution and one of the major reasons for the rise in air pollution is the increasing automobiles on the roads. Continuous degrading air quality is leading to various health issues like asthma, heart problems, lung diseases, etc. The government must keep a regular check on the AQI and take some steps to reduce it to a normal and tolerable level. Read this article to learn more about AQI Full Form and other details associated with  AQI Full Form!

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What is AQI?

It is the measurement of particulate matter present in the environment. Some instruments are used to measure the quality of air. The atmosphere consists of two important components necessary for life on Earth i.e. oxygen and carbon dioxide. PM 2.5 is considered the most harmful pollutant and WHO suggests that its AQI should be below 25. 

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Fluctuation in these gases due to contamination of air with the pollutants increases the AQI level. The AQI checks on the 8 air pollutants mentioned below:

  1. Particulate Matter 2.5
  2. Particulate Matter 10
  3. Ozone
  4. Nitrogen Dioxide
  5. Carbon Monoxide
  6. Lead
  7. Ammonia
  8. Sulphur Dioxide

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What Should the AQI be?

The AQI level under 50 is considered to be good whereas if the AQI level goes equal to or beyond 500 then it is considered to be very harmful to the atmosphere and human health. Nowadays, with the increasing pollution, winters, and Diwali the AQI level is very high leading to respiratory disorders among people. Wearing a mask should be mandatory to prevent yourself from exposure to pollution. 

EPA has developed national air quality standards for public health protection. Here is a table denoting the AQI level and the category:

AQI LevelLevel of ConcernDaily AQI Colour
101-150Unhealthy for Sensitive PeopleOrange
201-300Very UnhealthyPurple

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