What is the Full Form of SIC?

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The full form of SIC is the State Information Commission. The SICs are independent constitutional bodies of 17 states of India constituted by the RTI Act of 2005 by the State Governments of India upon the notification of the official Gazette. Each State Information Commission has a State Chief Information Commissioner. 

What are the Objectives of SIC?

The objectives of the SIC are:

  • They petition the information shared by numerous government entities under the RTI Act.
  • They deal with complaints on refusal to give information or in relation to the inability to file an RTI.
  • The SIC has to get an annual report from the numerous departments that work in the State regarding complaints received under the RTI Act and the responses to the same. 
  • The SIC also periodically conducts awareness programs on the implementation of the RTI Act of 2005 constructively by the masses.

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What is the Composition of SIC?

The Composition of the SIC is:

  • The State Chief Information Commissioner 
  • Upto 10 State Information Commissioner

The Chief and other State Information Commissioners are selected by the Governor of that State on the guidance of the committee that consists of the Chief Minister (CM) of the State as the Chairperson, the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, and the State Cabinet Minister. 

What are the Functions and Powers of SIC?

The functions and powers of SIC are:

  • The SIC on a rational basis can demand queries into any subject associated with the RTI Act.
  • The SIC under the controls given to it can secure from any of the public administration, obedience to any of its judgments.
  • The SIC is duty-bound to accept and conduct queries into any complaint received from any individual. 

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