What is the Full Form of FAO?

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full form of FAO

The full form of FAO is Food and Agriculture Organization. The FAO is a specialized UN organization in charge of global initiatives to end hunger. With the intention of enhancing global food security and advancing sustainable agriculture, it was founded in 1945. 

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Why FAO was Established?

Following World War II, there were severe food shortages and widespread hunger, which led to the establishment of FAO. The FAO was established to deal with these issues and support the promotion of food security, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture in an effort to eradicate hunger and poverty across the world. 

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Objectives of FAO

FAO aims to promote sustainable development, manage resources, and enhance food security and nutrition. The FAO’s primary goals are:

  1. To increase agricultural output, nutritional standards, and living conditions. 
  2. To ensure increases in the effectiveness of all food and agricultural product production and delivery. 
  3. To support a growing global economy and guarantee that no one goes hungry. 
  4. To offer member nations technical support, notably in the development of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. 
  5. To encourage the creation of food and agricultural policies and research. 
  6. To give member nations a venue for discussion and the development of food and agricultural policy.

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