What is the Full Form of KPO?

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full form of KPO

The full form of KPO is Knowledge Processing Outsourcing. KPO refers to the outsourcing of core business activities, including data that is vital to a company’s value chain or competitively relevant. High-level technological, analytical, and professional experience skills are required for KPO.

The main forces behind KPO are growth in technological expertise, increasing value creation, cost-saving opportunities, and a lack of skilled workers. Outsourcing of the information process is most prevalent in India, Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe, particularly Romania, Poland, and the Baltic States. KPO is a continuation of corporate process outsourcing, despite the industry being substantially more complicated.

Types of KPO 

KPO facilities include examples for all methods of information analysis and collection:

  • Filing patent research on intellectual property (IPR)
  • Industry, market, and equity analysis
  • Legal and medical assistance
  • Instruction, guidance, and research and development in, among other things, the domains of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, design, and animation

Advantages of KPO

  • Reduced cost
  • Unqualified personnel
  • Most graduates may be found for very little money
  • KPO boosts the local economy, lowers unemployment, and offers premium services at a discount
  • Allow for some freedom in time management and HRM

Limitations of KPO 

  • Loss of business information with safety labels
  • It is impossible to guarantee the consistency of the individual or the level of his work
  • KPO requires time. Therefore, it is unable to offer the client a quick fix who requires results now
  • Boundaries related to language, law, and culture could become problematic if partners are not sufficiently coordinated
  • There is no guarantee of the caliber of the workforce or the work
  • Lack of Skilled Workers
  • The difficulty of communication limits interactions
  • Incapable of defending the company’s intellectual property

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