What is the Full Form of EVS? 

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EVS Full Form

The full form of EVS is Environmental Studies. This discipline involves studying human interaction with the environment and amalgamating disciplines like social sciences, humanities, physical science and commerce/economics to resolve environment-related complex issues. 

Why Environmental Studies is Important? 

There is a popular saying that “We haven’t inherited this earth from our forefathers but borrowed from our children”. In today’s there are so many serious issues related to the environment which can affect the lives of future generations severely. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to address these issues before things get out of control and there is nothing that could be done to protect the environment. 

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Goals of Environmental Studies 

  • To equip every individual on Earth with the necessary knowledge and skills related to the conservation of the environment so that everyone can contribute to making Earth a safe place to live in. 
  • To provide in-depth knowledge to people about political, socio-economical and ecological interdependence to everyone. 

What are the Environmental Issues and How to Deal with them?  

Following are some of the major environmental issues that we are struggling with today and the rectifying steps that needed to be taken in order to mitigate these issues:

  1. Deforestation – To upgrade the lifestyle and satisfy the needs of the increasing population trees are being cut at a massive scale which is known as deforestation. This leads to problems like animal extinction, ozone layer depletion, global warming, etc. To tackle this problem there is a need to promote afforestation which means planting more trees. Other ways to rectify this problem can be recycling more, saving paper, encouraging reusing, etc. 
  1. Water Security – With the exponential growth of the population freshwater resources are getting depleted day by day. This alarming situation can be tackled through rainwater harvesting, reverse osmosis and other water-filtering methods. 
  1. Electricity Wastage – Electric energy is majorly generated as a result of thermal energy which has a harmful effect on the environment due to the combustion of coal which releases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to save electricity as it is being wasted by us every now and then. Using daylight, switching off lights when not in use, etc. are some of the ways through which we can ration electricity. 
  1. Air, Water and Soil Pollution – Recklessly releasing untreated waste by industries into water bodies, the release of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide, CFCs, NO, etc. due to vehicles, ACs, aerosols, etc. have caused the depletion of these elements which are an essential part of our environment. These issues can be rectified by getting vehicles checked for pollution control, following proper ways to dispose of waste materials, decreasing power consumption, etc. 
  1. Species Extinction – Poaching and Illegal hunting of Animals can lead to their extinction which can cause an imbalance in the environment and can pose a threat to the entire ecosystem. To stop this there is a need to make people aware of the dire consequences of this problem and also to impose stringent laws against hunting and poaching. 

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