What is AMP Full Form?

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AMP full form

The AMP full form is Adenosine Monophosphate. It is an organic heterocyclic compound or nucleotide. The compound is composed of a nitrogenous base and a backbone of five-carbon sugar and a phosphate group. AMP consists of three monomers namely adenine nitrogenous base, ribose sugar and phosphate. The formation of AMP includes esterification of phosphoric acid and adenosine and then condensation. The single phosphate group can esterify in the carbon sugar molecule in a 2’ – 3’ or 5’ position. AMP has many uses, in pharmacology, it is used as a supplement to boost immune function and as a substitute of sweeteners in diets. 

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What are the Properties of AMP?

Given below are the properties of AMP:

  • The chemical formula to denote AMP is C10 H14 N5 O7 P
  • Molar mass of AMP is 347.22 grams per mole
  • Under the microscope, AMP appears as a white crystalline powder
  • Density of AMP after calculating the chemical equation is 2.32 grams per ml
  • AMP boils at 798.5 degree Celsius with a melting range between 178 – 185 degree Celsius
  • It is acidic in nature with a Ph value of 0.9

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What are the Effects of AMP Deficiency in the Human Body?

Check out the effects of AMP deficiency in the body:

  • AMP deficiency in the body causes problems in muscle movement i.e the skeletal muscles of the body
  • Generally, there are no symptoms of AMP deficiency in the people suffering from it
  • Some observable effects people feel are fatigue, cramps after exercise, muscle pain and exercise intolerance 
  • In extreme cases of AMP deficiency, patients face severe muscle pain, Atrophy and Hypotonia
  • The deficiency is more common in children and adults
  • AMP deficiency is common among the white population of America and is comparatively less in Black African America
  • The deficiency is caused due to the mutation of the AMPD 1 gene. This gene sends the message to the brain to form AMP in the body 

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