How to Become a Content Strategist in India?

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How to become a content strategist in India

In the cutthroat marketing environment of today, content reigns supreme. Businesses can use content marketing as a crucial marketing tool to raise customer awareness and conversion rates. As a result, there is a huge and increasing need for experts who can create and manage content. That’s where the content strategist comes in. Planning, supervising, and managing a company’s content marketing strategy falls under the purview of the content strategist’s job description. Therefore, the content strategist position is perfect for you if you are enthusiastic about the prospect of creating content for a brand. In this blog, you can find all the relevant information on how to become a content strategist in India: roles and responsibilities, skills required and much more. 

Content Strategist: Meaning and Responsibilities

By organising and implementing the brand’s content through various marketing channels, content strategists are experts who have an impact on the development of a business. They are skilled in many different areas, such as writing, editing, and campaigning. Knowing what skills to develop can aid in your career advancement. Let’s check the responsibilities:

 A content strategist is responsible for a variety of tasks. Here are some of them:

  • Leadership – The content strategist acts as a mentor to important members of the content department, ensuring that their skills develop over time and preparing them for future employment in his position.
  • Research – To determine the viability of suggested topics and themes for the company’s content, the content strategist engages in research, creates questionnaires and surveys, and collects data from important industry leaders.
  • Consultancy – The content strategist also works as a consultant for the Product Marketing and Public Relations teams, giving them strategic guidance on the development of the content as well as on overall plans for important initiatives like large business conferences.
  • Media and Social Media – The Content Strategist is responsible for all content that the business sends to the media via direct mail, email, interviews, collateral, speeches, recorded messages, newsletters, and other methods. The Content Strategist also supervises and manages all of the company’s social media channels in terms of content, promotion, user engagement, customer service, performance management, and listings.
  • Collaboration – The Content Strategist also works with the marketing team to support marketing initiatives like messaging, content, and product branding.
  • Additional Tasks– In order to effectively carry out his duties, the Content Strategist will also perform any additional tasks that have been delegated to him by the Director of Communications or the Employer.

Benefits of this Career

A content strategist offers many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Job security: A determined and diligent Content Strategist will have no trouble keeping his job. The primary responsibility of the content strategist is to edit the writers’ submitted content. The likelihood of a content strategist receiving promotions and pay raises is also increased if they are in charge of the organization’s content.
  • Pay: Content strategists receive a good salary because they are in charge of overseeing company publications, documents, and even copyright. Because of the sensitive nature of their work, content strategists are paid more to discourage workaholism.
  • Experience: Content strategists are responsible for overseeing office activities related to documentation or content management. Only a content strategist can have this experience in the literary world.

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Types of Content Strategists

There are various different types of Content Strategists in India. Checkout these types below:

  • Product and Content Strategist
  • Medical Content Strategist
  • Web Content Strategist
  • Content Marketing head
  • Social Media Content Strategist

How to Become a Content Strategist in India: Step-by-Step Guide

The road to becoming a content strategist starts after the tenth grade, when students should decide between a science or arts stream to gain knowledge of the courses necessary to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, mass communication, etc. An overview of how to get ready for a career as a content strategist is provided below.

School Level Preparation

Each student must complete a foundational education up through grade 10 or 12, which includes courses in literature.

Become Content Strategist after the 12th grade

After graduating from high school, students can now enrol in a short-term professional course in the relevant discipline. Two to four years of full-time instruction will be put into degree programmes. Here we discuss how to get ready for a PG and UG course.

Bachelor’s Degree

Students must pursue a bachelor’s degree in literature if they want to work as content strategists in the Indian market. The undergraduate degrees in mass communication, journalism, or English should be chosen by students. They must successfully complete the programme in order to be hired by reputable businesses and receive a better compensation package.

Post-Graduate Degree

Students pursue post-graduation after successfully completing their undergraduate studies in order to earn a good wage. Students can pursue an MA in communication or English literature. In order to gain more experience, students who are enrolled in PG programmes can also work for a company.

Skills Required to Become a Content Strategist in India

There are a few skill sets you’ll need to succeed as a content strategist as you start out in your career.

  • Excellent copywriting skills 
  • Content presentation skills 
  • Content delivery skill
  • You ought to be skilled at managing and planning marketing campaigns.
  • Knowledge of monetizing content.
  • Organisational skills and multitasking abilities
  • Editorial ability
  • Team-building skills and strong analytical skills to identify patterns and trends in content marketing data
  • Having a keen interest in the objectives and goals of the organisation
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership qualities
  • Pressure handling capabilities

Steps to Improve Content Strategist Skills

The following actions will help you develop your abilities for content strategist roles:

Create Plotlines

Working on campaigns where a storyline can be created will help you hone your content writing and editing abilities. Working with writers and editors to develop the storyline will be easier if you are aware of the ultimate goal of the content the company produces. For the purpose of enhancing the company’s brand story, you can also investigate the user base’s mindset and evaluate their feedback.

Attend a Search Engine Optimization Course (SEO)

Your website’s online content may draw more visitors if it ranks well in search engine results, which could boost sales of the company’s goods or services. You can enrol in SEO training to improve your ranking on search engines. Knowing how to write meta descriptions, focusing on the proper keyword density, and creating catchy titles for long-form content is all part of optimising your online content for search engines.

Study Marketing Principles

In order to convert as many audience members as possible to loyal brand customers, a content strategist’s work may involve telling engaging stories about the brand. Understanding marketing principles can make it easier to assess the content’s effectiveness. You might have more success in this position if you enrol in a course on the fundamentals of marketing.

Collaborate with Publishing Houses

An important part of your job may involve publishing the content that the copywriting team produces. To learn the specifics of publishing, it might be beneficial to spend a few years working for a publishing house. This is due to the fact that publishing houses typically have strict requirements for tone, vocabulary, and style. Additionally, they have rigid, long-standing editing policies.

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Online Courses to Pursue Your Career as a Content Strategist

Content Strategy for ProfessionalsCoursera32 hours3,592
Content Is King: Writing Killer Content for Web and MarketingUdemy3 hours6,400
The Complete Beginners SEO courseUdemy3 hours6,400
The Complete Content Writing Course for 2020Udemy3.5 hours360
The Strategy Of Content MarketingCoursera19 hours2,126
Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious ContentCoursera4 hours5,499
Content Marketing Masterclass: Create Content That SellsUdemy3.5 hours360
Essentials of Blog Writing and Content Creation in 2020Udemy1.5 hours1,280
2020 Complete Marketing Masterclass Content StrategyUdemy2.5 hours360
Create Exceptional Digital Marketing Using ‘Rule of ThirdsUdemy4 hours360
Simple Content Marketing: Creating Content For Real ResultsUdemy2.5 hours360
Content Strategy for Professionals: Ensuring Your Content’s ImpactCoursera5 hours3,592
Simple Content Marketing: Creating Content For Real ResultsUdemy2.5 hours360
Content Marketing – The Beginners Guide to Content MarketingUdemy1 Hour360

Salary of a Content Strategist

According to a PayScale survey, a person with the appropriate certifications and experience in content marketing can find employment that pays an average salary of 5–6 lakhs per year.
Here are the multiple job profiles of content strategists and their respective average salaries:

Job RoleAverage Annual Salary
Content Marketing Specialist2.4 lakhs to 14.5 lakhs
Online Marketing Content Writers and Copywriters2.5 to 8.7 lakhs
Content Marketing Manager12 Lakhs
Content Marketing Director18 Lakhs

Final Takeaway

More and more businesses are looking for ways to stand out from the competition, which frequently entails hiring experts to produce engaging content. Content marketing is becoming one of the most in-demand jobs as a result of its popularity. To get better, consider becoming a content strategist. You can advance your career by taking an online course in digital marketing if you’re prepared to start creating digital content.


Q1. How can I Become a Content Strategist?

Ans. You must have at least five years of experience as a digital content manager, web writer, or content editor before you can become a content strategist. A bachelor’s degree is additionally necessary. English, journalism, communications, marketing, creative writing, technical writing, and information management are popular concentrations.

Q2. Is a Content Strategist a Good Career?

Ans. Although it’s not always simple, becoming a content strategist is a great career path. Daily struggles for content strategists include: Getting support for content. The success of an organisation depends greatly on its content.

Q3. How to Become a Content Strategy Consultant?

Ans. Whatever the specifics, a content strategist is typically not regarded as an entry-level position. The majority of job postings for content strategists specify that candidates should have at least 3-5 years of experience as content creators, accumulating knowledge in a variety of fields, including content strategy, SEO, and marketing campaign design.

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