Top Tesla Careers for Freshers in India in 2023

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Tesla Careers in India

Tesla offers numerous career opportunities for freshers in India. There are many job options in the engineering, sales, service, marketing, and manufacturing departments at Tesla. Some of the top Tesla careers are offered to people with a background in creative arts, sciences, engineering, creative arts, mathematics, social sciences and humanities, and information technology (IT) and computer science. The company is also in search of people who are enthusiastic about electric vehicles (EVs) and are passionate about the use of sustainable energy

Top Tesla Careers for Freshers in India

Software Engineer

A software engineer at Tesla has to design and develop superior-quality applications that are stable and scalable. She/they/he needs to develop back-end web services that are easy to use. This professional has to work in close collaboration with the cyber security team to analyze code and design reviews. He/they/she perform unit testing and process bug reports and provide solutions. As this engineer is responsible for maintaining security, they/she/he need to adhere to the high-security standards and practices of Tesla.

Educational QualificationBachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Applications
Estimated Annual Salary RangeINR 5 lakh to INR 1 cr
Average Annual SalaryINR 32.75 lakh

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Robotics Engineer

A robotics engineer at Tesla has to design a robotic system to optimize EV technology. She/they/he has to use Distributed Control System (DCS) and Kuka Safe programming languages to develop robotic systems that help in troubleshooting equipment failures and breakdowns in Tesla EVs and cells. This brand of engineers develops state-of-the-art procedures and manages documentation related to robotics systems. 

Educational QualificationsBSc/BE/BTech in Mechatronics Engineering
Estimated Annual Salary RangeINR 8.9 lakh to INR 75 lakh
Average Annual SalaryINR 41.9 lakh

Blockchain Developer

This is one of the emerging Tesla careers in India responsible for consensus design, blockchain protocol development, blockchain technology development, and network supervision in the organization. A blockchain developer in Tesla must have excellent programming skills, be equipped with knowledge about cryptography, constantly learn about popular blockchain platforms like cryptocurrency, and use blockchain technology to enhance cyber security. He/they/she needs to research, create, test, and analyze several blockchain applications to build a strong network for Tesla. 

Educational QualificationsB.Tech/BE/BSc in computer science/information technology/information security or BCA
Estimated Annual Salary RangeINR 9 lakh to INR 11 lakh
Average Annual SalaryINR 10 lakh

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Sales Executive

A sales executive at Tesla must have adequate knowledge about sales and delivery operations to enhance the client experience. She/they/he is the initial point of contact for client interaction. This professional has to use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to record calls, log appointments, and test drives. A sales executive is a key contributor to the sales and delivery of the company. He/she/they must be a team player with a positive attitude and passion for EVs. 

Educational QualificationsMaster of Business Administration (MBA); Bachelor’s in marketing and commerce
Estimated Annual Salary RangeINR 8.6 lakh to INR 10.6 lakh
Average Annual SalaryINR 9.6 lakh

Other Tesla Careers for Freshers in India

Some other jobs in Tesla India are tabulated below:

Job TitlesEstimated Annual Salary RangeAverage Annual Salary
Documentation ExecutiveINR 1.2 lakh to INR 2.4 lakhINR 1.2 lakh
Electrical EngineerINR 80 thousand to INR 3.2 lakhINR 2.13 lakh
Lead Generator INR 99 thousand to INR 1.2 lakh
Temporary WorkmanINR 1.8 lakh to INR 2.2 lakh
3D ModellerINR 76.5 thousand to INR 93.5 thousand
Purchase OfficerINR 2.7 lakh to INR 3.3 lakh
Financial AnalystINR 5.9 lakh to INR 7.2 lakh

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Recruitment Process

Tesla employs people who are passionate about innovation and sustainability. This pioneer in the EV sector hires freshers in large numbers to encourage young minds to join its objective of transforming the world with the use of sustainable energy. 

Given below is some of the pertinent information about the recruitment process of Tesla:

  • Freshers can search for job vacancies on the Tesla careers page. They can apply for the desired roles on the hiring portals of the careers page of the company.
  • After applying, candidates can track the status of their application on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is accessible through the careers page.
  • The human resource (HR) department and team leaders of respective teams complete the selection process in around three to six months. The recruitment process is very rigorous due to the specific requirements of Tesla. 

Tesla Careers: Benefits

Employment in Tesla India is a boost to your career. In addition to a good resume, jobs in this multinational company (MNC) provide you with the below-mentioned benefits:

  • A tuition assistance program
  • Plans for identity theft protection
  • Legal assistance
  • Additional leaves for vacation
  • Dental insurance, fully paid by the company
  • Health insurance, 100% premium payment by Tesla
  • Vision insurance, fully paid for by the company


Q.1. What is the qualification to get a job at Tesla?

Ans: Tesla hires people with diplomas, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Different job titles require different educational qualifications.

Q.2. Is Tesla’s salary high?

Ans: Yes. Tesla offers a decent salary for each job title. Some of the highest-paying Tesla careers in India are Software Engineer, Robotics Engineer, and Blockchain Developer.

Q.3. Is Tesla a good career choice?

Ans: Yes. Employment at Tesla provides a learning platform to freshers and helps them build a strong future.


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