Career in Content Marketing

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Career in Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a rapidly growing career in India. It is used frequently in advertising and marketing due to digital media increasing globally. Every business, organisation or individual tries to be at the centre of attention. It is important to realise the powers words possess. There are various types of marketing which are used by companies.  Most digital communication depends on content marketing. If you are curious about starting a career in content marketing, we have covered the information you need. 

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What is Content Marketing?

If you are confused about how to become a content writer and how to become a content marketer, you must know that both are different. If you want to build a career in content marketing, it is important to first know what it is. Content marketing is sharing information that attracts customers by giving them useful, interesting information that increases their interest or helps solve their problems, resulting in positive customer service. Content marketing is often in the form of blogs, videos, trends on social media, newsletters, live streams, e-seminars, and emails.

Why You Should Become a Content Marketer?

The job market for content marketing is increasing rapidly. Modern business owners know the importance of a content marketer to boost the overall visibility and exposure of the company. This means that content marketers can climb the ladder of success more quickly than others. Here are the reasons why you need to become a content marketer.

A Fresh Career Path

Content marketers can leverage the benefits of an extensive job market. But since the career path is new and business owners have recently started hiring content marketers to promote the products and services of the company, the competition is less fierce. Unlike the other job markets with extremely high competition, you won’t need to worry about getting lost in the crowd.

A Great Role for Creative-Minded People

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting your career as a content marketer or already a successful senior marketer, you need to showcase creativity while completing your daily responsibilities. For instance, you might need to research and write a blog article one day and go through a YouTube script writing the next. This means that you need to sharpen your creative mind so that you can come up with better content strategies.

Numerous Job Roles

Unlike the other professions that have limited job roles to choose from or explore, the story changes when it comes to content marketing. This is because the content marketing field is extensive with multiple job roles such as content writer, SEO expert, copywriter, social media marketer, digital data analyst, etc. Additionally, the aspects of content marketing change continuously. Whatever you’re working on today might get changed in the future.

What does a Content Marketer do?

A content marketer has various roles. In order to understand how to make a career in content marketing it is essential to know the duties of a content marketer. The role of a content marketer mainly involves 3 steps.

Content Creation

Content Creation is a depiction of well-updated data with the information needed that is for a targeted audience. The content should cover what the client wants the readers to know. Making sure that the content is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – oriented as all digital content mainly surfaces on Google, a famous search engine. A good career in content marketing needs the writer to be well-furnished with Search Engine Optimization ( SEO). The content should have a decent amount of videos, pictures, infographics, and illustrations to make the content entertaining to read. The content should also be divided into headings and subheadings which makes it easier to read and go through. 

Source: YouTube – Kayla Montgomery

Content Distribution

It is also important to make sure that the content you have created reaches the right audience. It will be of no use if the reach of the content does not gain views. Content distribution is usually done by forums, question-and-answer sites, and social media.


Taking care of the statistics is another important role of a content marketer. It is important to make sure that the analytics are high. The weekly or monthly reports should be kept on track by the content marketer in order to compare how the process is going.

Skills Required

Those who want to make a career in content marketing must develop the required skills. We have made a list of the important skills required in order to become a content marketer. Have a look:

  • Research Skills
  • SEO and Other Technical Skills
  • Design and Creative Skills
  • Writing Skills and Grammar
  • Social Media Optimization

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Research Skills

Creating content needs a lot of research to collect data from sources, identify the key points, note the points and plan the content around them. There are different types of marketing research which need to be done.  Proper and well-researched content is always more attractive to users.

SEO and Other Technical Skills

SEO is important as it raises the chances of your content being on top of the search pages. You need to have an understanding of SEO in order to have a career in content marketing. Some of the significant components of SEO are relevant input of keywords at regular intervals, and the use of apt page titles, images, meta-descriptions and videos.

Technical skills such as knowledge of HTML, CSS, and understanding of analytics and algorithms. These skills will give you an edge over other Content writers. You will also work often with WordPress and CMS. So it is good to be experienced in them.

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Design and Creative Skills

As a content marketer, you might need to have a lot of images and videos added to your content. It will make your content eye-catching and intrigue the reader. This will definitely boost your brand in content marketing. Therefore, having the right design and creative skills is important to build a career in content marketing.

Writing Skills and Grammar

It is also important to make sure your content is not grammatically incorrect and has the appropriate writing skills required for your target audience to understand. Having good writing and reading skills is very helpful in checking the content of any mistakes.

Social Media Optimization

The knowledge of social media optimization is important if you want to have a successful career in content marketing. It is important to understand that your content has no value if it is not available or has not outreached to the audience. Knowledge of multiple social applications helps you understand the algorithms and gives you ideas on how to promote your content.

How to Start Your Career?

A career in Content Marketing is a career which requires a lot of research and creativity. The content needs to attract the customers from the start to the end, providing the necessary info they will probably be looking for. Here are a few tips which will help you in starting your career in content marketing.

  1. Starting your own blogs: There are a lot of sites that help you build blogs. This will keep your brand value high and your writing skills sharp.
  2. Internships: Apply for content writing internships. This will also help you gain experience working with professionals.
  3. Freelancing: If you are looking for short-term jobs, you can work freelance jobs on Fiverr and Upwork.

Top Universities in the World for Marketing Courses

If you have plans to become a successful content marketer by completing your higher education in marketing from a foreign university, make sure you check this table.

QS World Ranking 2023 University Name Country Courses Fees
1 HEC Paris France MSc in Marketing EUR 27,000 (INR 23 Lakhs)
2 Imperial College Business School UK MSc Strategic Marketing GBP 34,400 (INR 34 Lakhs)
3 Columbia Business School USA MS in Marketing Science USD 64,000 (INR 52 Lakhs)
4 Manchester Business School UK MSc Marketing GBP 29,500 (INR 29 Lakhs)
5 EMLyon Business School France Master in Transformation Digital EUR 15,000 (INR 13 Lakhs)
6 ESCP Europe Business School France MSc in Marketing & Creativity EUR 16,000 (INR 14 Lakhs)
7 ESADE Business School Spain MSc in Marketing Management EUR 34,000 (INR 29 Lakhs)
8 Warwick Business School UK MSc Marketing & Strategy GBP 26,000 (INR 26 Lakhs)
9 EDHEC Business School France Master in Marketing Management EUR 18,000 (INR 16 Lakhs)
10 WU Vienna University of Economics and Business Austria Masters in Marketing EUR 2,550 (INR 2.24 Lakhs)

Top Institutes in India to Pursue Content Marketing Courses

There are many institutes offering courses in content marketing. We have curated a list of some of the top institutes which offer courses in content marketing. Have a look:

  • IIM Skills
  • Udemy
  • Indian Institute of E-commerce and Digital Marketing (IIEDM)

IIM Skills

IIM Skills is one of the top educational institutes that provide training for content writing. IIM Skills content writing course is totally online with 16-hour sessions over one month. The course includes 12 modules


Udemy offers you a vast selection of courses to ensure a stable career in content marketing. There are free courses and paid courses. Udemy also gives you two bestsellers to understand content writing, editing, blogs, SEO keywords, traffic and sales.

Indian Institute of E-commerce and Digital Marketing (IIEDM)

IIEDM is famous for its digital marketing and content writing courses. They take a limited number of students per batch and the course is offline. The course duration is three to five months. It prepares students to face competition in the outside world. 

Career Prospects of a Content Marketer

As mentioned earlier, content marketing is a new career option. When you become a successful content marketer, you will be able to venture into various fields that will help you bag high-paying jobs.

Best Jobs for a Content Marketer

Here are the best jobs you can get as a skilful and experienced content marketer:

  • Content Strategist
  • Content Specialist
  • Content Marketing Director
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Executive

Salary of a Content Marketer

As business owners are realizing the efforts of content marketers to boost the growth of the company, they never cease to offer high salary packages to deserving candidates.

Country Salary/Year
USA USD 56,000 (INR 46 Lakhs)
UK GBP 30,000 (INR 30 Lakhs)
Canada CAD 65,000 (INR 39 Lakhs)
Australia AUD 85,000 (INR 47 Lakhs)


Why business owners hire content marketers?

In the modern world, online presence in extremely essential for a business. Therefore, business owners hire content marketers to enhance the online presence of the brand.

Can you become a content writer after completing content marketing courses?

Yes, you can become a successful content writer after completing your marketing courses.

Are content marketing courses hard?

Even though marketing courses aren’t that difficult, make sure you showcase creativity to stand apart from the crowd.

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