How to Make a Career In Influencer Marketing in India?

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career in influencer marketing in India

In the rapidly growing world of content, influencers are becoming famous because of the content that they feed to their keen audience consistently. Marketing that is inherently similar to celebrity endorsements but focuses on a relatively smaller audience through emerging content creators is known as influencer marketing. Influencers control their audience through targeted content and opinions that they craft. Thus, when it comes to influencer marketing, a career in it means that it is the personality of the influencer that counts the efforts in marketing. Let’s get deep insights into making your career in Influencer Marketing through this article. 

Career PathInfluencer Marketing
Best Related Degree Mass Communication / Media Science / BBA/ MBA
Average median Salary in IndiaINR 5 L.P.A.
Highest Paid PositionInfluencer marketing manager
Requisite SkillDigital Marketing & Corporate Communication

Overview of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the marketing of products and services with the help of influencers who have a dedicated set of followers. Instagram and Facebook are the generally used platforms having the maximum reach. However, there are a lot of other platforms as well that cater to some specific crowd. The basic task of the influencer managers is to strategize the content, and sometimes curate the content ideas, with the influencers. In this way, the influencers put up sponsored posts on social media sites and make dedicated followers initiate desired actions as decided by the influencer managers. Brands focus on relatability with their audience through their content. Influencers are the media to bring the two sides together and build a bridge of trust and honesty between the brands and the audience.

Steps to Become an Influencer

There are 5 different categories of influencers. Every type has a different number of followers and hence the reach accordingly varies. These influencers are sorted into these categories according to the number of followers.

Mega Influencers> 1M followers
Macro Influencers500K – 1 million followers
Mid-tier Influencers50K – 500K followers
Micro-Influencers10K – 50K followers
Nano Influencers1K – 10K followers

The steps to becoming an influencer and entering any category of influencers are:

  • Create a profile on a desired social media platform.
  • Create and curate the content.
  • Keep consistency.
  • Increase impressions by following trends.
  • Live stream on the platform to generate loyal followers.
  • Reach the desired category of influencers and approach brands.
  • Get paid to post content.

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing strategies are such that the influencers attract all of their followers and gain impressions of the people who would want to engage with the brand he or she is promoting. There are a few steps to creating an impactful strategy.

  • Goals must be decided on.
  • Sketch your exact target audience.
  • Get an idea of the budget of the campaign.
  • Choose a particular campaign.
  • Choose the best platform for the resonance of the post.
  • Align the content with the campaign.
  • Collaborate with the right brand influencers.
  • Promote the campaign.
  • Count the amplifications through Analytics.

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Requisite Skills

1. For Influencers

Every content creator can be an influencer. One has to have an eye for trends on social media platforms; sometimes they have to choose a platform to grow and establish their persona. Consistency is another trick to growing in the field. One has to also understand the hugely dynamic algorithm of social media platforms. Influencers can be bloggers, vloggers, social media stars, and so on. The reach that they generate on their content and hence on their profiles makes them categorized into 

  • nano influencers, or 
  • micro-influencers, or 
  • Mid-tier influencers, or
  • macro influencers.

To be noted, mega influencers are generally celebrities and fall into the category of celebrity endorsements when they market a brand.

2. For Influencer Marketing Managers

In some cases, these designations are supported by the other 5 designations mentioned above. But at times, it is the manager alone that has to take care of the entire process. The basic job of the manager is to:

Thus, the skills required are:

Expertise in either of these skills can make way for a bigger designation that works behind the influencer marketing manager.

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Available Careers in Influencer Marketing

There are certain aspects of Influencer Marketing that make the industry stand strong. The base is created by the creators on social media platforms who are called the Influencers. They are the front end of the marketing team of brands. These influencers are managed by Influencer Marketing Associates also known as Influencer Marketing Managers. However, backing the Influencer marketing manager stands a lot of other designations. These are

All these careers are interrelated and equal, making the influencers’ reach strong towards the target audience of the brand.

Courses to Pursue Your Career in Influencer Marketing

Most of the influencers currently in the market have made it big in the industry just by following their passion and taking advantage of social media trends. However, apart from the general approach, degrees can offer a better career in this growing sector. Influencer marketing is a part of two courses:

Both of these courses intersect in the industry of marketing and advertisements. While communication makes marketing and advertisements stand out to the audience, business is the basis on which communication is prepared.

The best degrees to have a sound idea of the industry are:

Future Scope

The market for influencer marketing is all set to grow to a massive 24.1 million USD by the end of 2025. The CAGR rate of growth is forecasted at 32% within this time period; analysis by MarketsandMarkets. At this rate, the companies that will be working with the micro and nano influencers will also be having a great advantage of gaining entry into niche markets with better engagements. Thus, the statistics show that for the upcoming two years, influencer marketing will be a huge hit in the market and can actually make large profits for the companies engaging in the practice.

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Q1. How Do I Start Influencer Marketing?

To start with influencer marketing, one can focus on the six steps below.
Start with setting a goal: what do you want to influence people with?
Perform extensive research on the other influencers that are currently in the industry.
There are several influencer marketing platforms where you can deals.
Select the campaign where you think you can make an influence.
Sign-up deals.
Choose social media platforms and start your journey.

Q2. Is Influencer a Good Career?

The projected CAGR of 32% till 2025 is great enough to make influencer marketing a huge success in the years coming by. However, one’s power to influence depends on a lot of factors and for that one should do extensive research to understand what sells better.

Q3. How Do I Start a Career as a Social Media Influencer?

The first step to start with social media influencing is to choose a particular platform that you think will allow you to expand in your niche and get more reach. After signing up, you need to make your profile attractive and engaging so that people like what they see. The Bio is where people would understand your branding and personality. After establishing these basics, you would have to start curating your own content so that people start noticing you. Once you reach the desired nano or micro-influencer stage, you can collaborate with brands and start monetizing your content.

Q4. How Do I Start a Career as an Influencer on Instagram?

Instagram is growing hugely as one of the most loved social media platforms. This is the best time to take advantage of the trends that are arising out of the massive user base of the platform. To start off as an influencer on Instagram one has to build a follower base to get recognized as a nano or micro-influencer.
Thus, with the growing engagements on social media, influencer marketing is taking a huge turn as it is no longer the celebrities that are influencing people. Ordinary people are becoming the torch bearers with their huge followings on these social media platforms. You can become one as well. It is a career that is hugely being sought after by millions now.

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