Masters in Mass Communication

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Masters in Mass Communication

With the technological world experiencing massive innovations, Mass Communication has been one of the fields which have been impacted by digital advancements. The advent of the digital age has led to an exponential increase in career opportunities in the industry of Mass Communication. This has resulted in newly formulated Media and Mass Communication programs offered to students across the globe, to equip them with the essential skills required in the media industry. Let’s delve deeper into the realm of Mass Communication and explore the details of Masters in Mass Communication along with leading universities offering this course.

Why Study Masters in Mass Communication?

The Masters in Mass Communication is a very well-known course around the world. However, if you are still double-minded about choosing it, here are a few reasons why you should go for it:

  1. Creative Mindset: The course promotes a creative mindset and exposes one to a number of different subjects.
  2. Technological Knowledge: The Masters in Mass Communication requires a number of practical experiences with the most up-to-date technology. 
  3. Freedom to Express: You will have the opportunity to express yourself creatively.
  4. No Experience Needed: No practical experience is needed to undertake the Masters in Mass Communication program.


A Masters in Mass Communication comprises the critical as well as the practical aspects of the media spectrum. The course constitutes the various branches of Mass Communication and integrates them together in a curriculum to help students gather a complete understanding of this field. This postgraduate degree usually has a duration of two years and equips students with the required skills of a varied range of career fields, such as Photography, Reporting, Public Relations, Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, etc.

Key Subjects in Masters in Mass Communication

Pursuing a Masters in Mass Communication, you will get to discover the realm of Mass Media as its whole as well as focusing on the core fields separately. These core fields include Journalism, Electronic Media, TV & Films, Advertising, and Marketing among others. Here is a list of the key subjects that are an essential part of a postgraduate degree program in Mass Communication:

Principles of Mass Communication

This subject covers the theoretical aspects of the field of Mass Communication, it covers the history of mass media, introductory theories of Mass Communication and how this evolved with time. The subject covers areas like basics of human communication to ownership patterns in Mass Media, communication theories along origins of Mass Media.

Print Media

There have been many centuries since Print Media came into being from the silver and copper printed plates to the printing paper press of Gutenberg. Being a core subject of Masters in Mass Communication, Print Media includes- its origins, importance and the basic processes like editing, writing, layouts, graphics etc. Print Media also focuses on various types of reporting and provides students with an overview of the origins of different kinds of print mediums such as newspapers, magazines, books, etc. The basic topics covered in this subject include:

  1. Editing
  2. Investigative Reporting
  3. Diplomatic Reporting
  4. Legislative Reporting
  5. Layout and Graphics
  6. Proofreading

Electronic Media

Electronic Media is bringing transformations to every industry and it has become integral for every business to create an online media presence. This essential topic of Mass Communication covers the different electronic modes of communication and studies its evolution. It also provides students with an introduction to audio-visual media and gives them a detailed insight into different online platforms and their role in facilitating Mass Communication.


Advertising is a crucial sub-field of Mass Communication that establishes a link between buyers and consumers. This subject will give you a detailed analysis of what the advertising industry entails along with helping you understand its role in different industries and how it can be facilitated in the modern world.

Public Relations and Corporate Communication

This field includes managing information and analyzing processes through which information reaches an individual or an organization. This course focuses on the corporate aspect of communication which essentially looks at how information flows in the corporate world. 

Top Universities for Mass Communication Abroad

Here are the top colleges offering popular and renowned programs like Masters in Mass Communication and Media around the world:

Top Universities for Mass Communication in India

Here are the top colleges offering popular and renowned programs like Masters in Mass Communication and Media in India:

  • Gujarat University
  • HPU – Himachal Pradesh University Shimla
  • H.P. University Regional Centre, Dharamshala
  • International School of Media and Entertainment Studies
  • Prestige Institute of Management and Research (PG Campus)
  • Centurion University of Technology and Management, Paralakhemundi
  • Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar Campus
  • L.J. Institute of Media and Communications
  • International Institute of Management, Media and Information Technology
  • Jagannath University Jaipur

Job Prospects after Masters in Mass Communication

Hence, Mass Communication has boundless prospects for those willing to explore its wide realm of possibilities and career fields. Masters in Mass Communication is a program that can provide you with an integrated overview of this field while also letting you discover the sub-field that interests you. Let Leverage Edu experts help you in selecting an ideal university for pursuing this course, to take the first step in beginning your career in the field of Mass Communication.

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  1. Masters in mass communication is my favourite field. Lately, advertising has been gaining much more scope when it comes to the digital format.

  1. Masters in mass communication is my favourite field. Lately, advertising has been gaining much more scope when it comes to the digital format.

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