Highest-Paying Capgemini Careers India 2023

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Highest-paying Capgemini Careers India 2023

Capgemini careers are among the most sought-after careers in India among the youth. Young tech enthusiasts look forward to this company for their careers. Capgemini is a global leader in the domain of technology. They have been transforming the digital landscape for their business clients since 1967. The company started as an enterprise management and data processing company. The company currently serves over 1,000 clients globally. Their clients include banks, insurance companies, and capital market companies. Capgemini provides IT and tech solutions to its clients to ensure they have a tangible product value in the market. This article will thus encompass the various Capgemini careers and their prospects.

Company NameCapgemini Technology Services India Limited
Founding Year1967
Company GenreTechnology
Sector ServedIT sector
Client LevelB2B
Client TypeBanks, Insurers, Capital market companies
Average Median SalaryINR 7.8 Lakhs per annum
Company Size (India)1,00,000+ employees
Company TypeMNC
Official Websitewww.capgemini.com

About Capgemini Careers

Capgemini is a company that drives intelligent communication to break into the tech industry serving finance-based clients. The company is known for providing great customer satisfaction to its customers: the reason why it is the global leader with over 1,000 satisfied clients. Capgemini careers make individuals create more personal and worthwhile work because of its impressive corporate culture. The company embraces its breakthroughs in the world of cloud computing, AI, and data to better the cyber security and ecological impact.

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Company values

Capgemini maintains a seven-value system that every employee is expected to follow and maintain. These are to allow the employees to have a great working experience and maintain a positive internal work culture.

  • Honesty
  • Boldness
  • Trust
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Modesty
  • Team Spirit

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Highest-Paying Capgemini Careers

Consultants are the highest-paid individuals in the company. Their pay range can range from INR 9.8 to 22 Lakhs p.a. However, here we will be mentioning the average median salary of the most common highest-paid roles with Capgemini careers. However, apart from these general positions inside Capgemini, the highest position is Senior Vice President with INR 112 Lakhs per annum.

PositionAverage Median Salary (INR Lakhs p.a.)
Senior Consultant15
Associate Consultant6.2
Senior Software Engineer5.2
Software Engineer4.6
Senior Analyst4.5

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Eligibility Criteria For Capgemini Careers

There are several criteria for Capgemini to choose a candidate. These are listed below for reference for the enthusiasts of Capgemini careers.

  • Candidates should have B.E/ B.Tech in any discipline.
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science and IT are also eligible.
  • Degree courses undertaken by the candidate should be recognized by the Central or State Government of India.
  • Candidates should have 60% and above in all semesters throughout their academic careers.
  • Gap years cannot be more than 2 years.
  • Backlogs should be cleared before applying.
  • Candidates cannot appear for two Capgemini interviews within 6 months.
  • Indian candidates are mostly eligible in Capgemini India. However, candidates from Nepal and Bhutan are also eligible without a work permit. However, they require proof of citizenship. Foreign candidates need an OCI/PIO card to apply in India. 

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Selection Procedure For Capgemini Careers

Capgemini chooses its candidates through an online test. This test is taken to test for skills like aptitude, logic, communication, and technological knowledge. There are essentially 4 sections.

Capgemini TestNo. of QuestionsDuration (mins)LOD
Quants1650 (along with logical)High
Logical reasoning1650 (along with quants)Medium 

Selection Criteria

  • No negative marking.
  • Each round needs to be qualified.
  • Base marks of 70% need to be scored.


PseudocodeEssay Quants & Logical ReasoningPsychometric
C and C++
– OOPS concept
Data Structures
– Algorithm
Reading comprehension
Sentence arrangement
Sentence correction
Idioms and Phrases
Synonyms & Antonyms
– Digit Challange
– Grid Challange
– Motion Challange
– Switch Challange
– Oddo
– Geo Sudo
– Permuto
– Numero
Soft skills

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Documents Required

The documents are generally required for the interview process. The test might also require some documentation. Thus, here is the list of documents that need to be there with the candidate.

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Capgemini Careers Benefits to Employees

There can be an impressive list of benefits from Capgemini careers to the employees. These include verticals such as salary, the flexibility of working, leaves, mobility, and also pension. Let’s walk you through the essentials of all the benefits here.


The company Capgemini has grades of salary that denote the seniority of the positions of the employees at Capgemini. There are six grades within Capgemini careers. When an individual joins the company, the pay grade will be according to the grade that he or she is assigned to. Thus, skills, knowledge, experience, and personal-professional development are rightly acknowledged here in the company.

Working flexibility

Capgemini realizes that every person has a different social value to others. They would have their own responsibilities outside the professional space. The company respects this and allows for flexibility in working like none other. The employees are hence free to choose the location and timing for accomplishing their daily professional responsibilities. Thus, each employee is provided with a laptop, sim card, and connectivity allowance so that they can be at ease while working.


Full-time Capgemini employees are entitled to 20 statutory days off and also 6 days in excess of the legal requirement. There is also an annual vacation allowance for each employee. Also, like all other corporate houses, Capgemini allows for national public holidays. The company also provides some special leaves like special paid leaves, parental leaves, and maternity leaves.


Capgemini consultants provide to different business clients at different locations within the country. As a result, mobility is ultra-essential to every employee that the company recognizes with mobility allowances. One can opt for a leased car, or kilometre allowance while using one’s own car, or an NS Business Card. Even the gross amount can be cashed out for any other travel option that the employee finds comfortable for mobility.


Capgemini has a pension fund called Stichting Pensioenfonds Capgemini Nederland that provides for employee pensions. The plan is non-contributory which means the employees do not have to put out any portion of their salary to the plan. This is much, unlike the PF that other companies’ employees enjoy. One however does have the flexibility to contribute to the pension plan which falls under the voluntary pension plan.

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The Final Word

Capgemini careers are among the most beneficial and rewarding careers that can give a huge turn to the lives of employees. There are not only multiple benefits but also, employees are respected for who they are and what they do. Also, Capgemini has an internal culture calling itself ‘Factory of the Future’ in the tech space. This allows the employees to feel the greatness of the company and get themselves to outperform their own selves.


Q1. What is the highest package in Capgemini?

Ans. The package of any particular employee comes from seniority and responsibilities. Along the same line, the highest status inside Capgemini is of Senior Vice President who earns INR 112 Lakhs per annum. The next top 1% earns around INR 32 Lakhs per annum while the next strata of employees earn more than INR 18.66 Lakhs per annum.

Q2. Will Capgemini increase their salary?

Ans. Capgemini has a massive workforce in India that counts to almost 1.2 lakh individuals. The highest hike these individuals are entitled to is 70% of the CTC. This salary hike has struck 84,000 employees of Capgemini India.

Q3. Does Capgemini pay bonuses?

Ans. Capgemini does have a skill-based bonus scheme. These are specially delivered in cash for successful referrals. For certain niche skills, there can be a double or triple bonus. The HRs of the company are also sometimes provided with non-cash bonuses. Capgemini pays an annual average bonus of INR 112,936 to its deserving employees. 

Q4. What is the salary of Capgemini for freshers in 2023?

Ans. The average median salary of Capgemini for freshers is INR 3.4 Lakhs. However, the salaries might range from INR 2.4 to 4.1 Lakhs per annum for freshers.

This was all about the top Capgemini Careers in India in 2023. If you wish to know more about careers in India, subscribe to Leverage Edu and if you’re planning to study abroad you can connect with our experts at 1800 57 2000 and book your 30-minute free consultation.

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