Data Scientist Salary in India: City-Wise and Experience-Wise

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Learning data science today has many advantages and is likely to pay off handsomely in terms of job chances. Impressive numbers may be seen in the data scientist wage figures. The job market is likewise thriving and will continue to be strong for a very long time. Being a data scientist could be mentally taxing, and analytically rewarding, and it might put you at the forefront of cutting-edge technology advancements. As the use of big data in organisational decision-making continues to grow, data scientists are becoming more prevalent and in demand. In this blog, we will talk about the data scientist salary in complete detail. Let’s have a closer look at what they are, what they do, and how to become one.  

Who is a Data Scientist?

Before looking at the data scientist salary, let’s understand what is the role of a data scientist. An expert who gathers, examines, and interprets data to assist organisations in making better decisions is known as a data scientist. They employ a range of instruments and methods, including statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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Role and Responsibilities of Data Scientist 

Data scientists collaborate closely with business stakeholders to understand their goals and how data may be able to support them in achieving them. To extract the data that the business requires, they develop algorithms and prediction models. They also assist in data evaluation and sharing their findings with colleagues.

  • Converting enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data into knowledge.
  • locating data analytics solutions with the best potential for business advancement.
  • Utilising text analytics, machine learning, and deep learning as data analysis techniques to uncover hidden patterns and trends.
  • Validating and cleaning data will increase its efficacy and accuracy.
  • All of the encouraging observations and discoveries are shared with the company’s stakeholders through data visualisation.

As they play such a crucial role, the data scientist salary is very high.

Skills of Data Scientist

These are the skills that you need require to become a Data Scientist 

City-wise Salary for Data Scientists

The data scientist salary may differ from location to location. However, here is the table of City wise salaries for Data Scientists: 

City/State Average Salary 
Mumbai INR 788,789 per annum
Chennai INR 794,403 per annum
Bangalore INR 984,488 per annum
Hyderabad Kerala 
Pune INR 725,146 per annum
Kolkata INR 402,978 per annum
Kerla INR 9,81,283 per annum

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Company-Wise Salary for Data Scientists 

Company is the main factor of salary, the part of salary can vary from company to company. Here is the table of company wise salary for Data Scientists:

Companies Starting Salary 
AccentureINR 1,986,586 per annum
AmazonINR 14,94,642 per annum
American ExpressINR 1,350,000 per annum
FlipkartINR 25,67,543 per annum
GoogleINR 3,140000 per annum
IBM CorpINR 1,468,040 per annum

Benefits of Becoming a Data Scientist 

There are several Benefits to Becoming a Data Scientist, this field provides you with lots of opportunities you can explore as a Data Scientist, here are some benefits listed below: 

  • The high demand for data scientists across a range of businesses is reflected in their pay.
  • Data scientists apply their knowledge to address problems in the real world, which can be gratifying and demanding. They get to use cutting-edge technology while having a significant impact on the companies they work for.
  • Healthcare, banking, and retail are just a few of the sectors where data scientists might find employment. This means that you can locate a work that reflects your values and is both exciting and challenging.
  • Data scientists must be lifelong learners because the field is continuously changing. This implies that you won’t ever get bored working in this industry and that you’ll always have something new to learn.
  • There is a significant probability that you will be able to find employment even if the economy weakens because demand for data scientists is anticipated to increase in the upcoming years.

Companies for Data Scientists in India

The data scientist salary is very impressive in prominent companies around the globe. Here is the list of some companies that hire Data Scientists in India.   

  • TCS
  • Accenture 
  • UnitedHealth
  • Infosys 
  • IBM
  • HCL Tech 
  • Ernst & Young 
  • Google 
  • Cognizant 
  • DXC Technology 

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Q1. What city pays the most for Data Scientists?

Ans. In Silicon Valley, the base wage for data scientists is around $100,000 per year, while elite employers may pay considerably more. Cities in Silicon Valley are among the best-paying in the US for data scientists.

Q2. Which state pays the highest salary to Data scientists in India?

Ans. Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi are the cities in India with the greatest job opportunities and the highest yearly wages for data scientists. Bangalore offers the greatest startup career chances because it is the startup capital of India.

Q3. Which industry pays data scientists the most in India?

Ans. Scientists who specialise in machine learning are employed as research scientists or engineers. One of the highest-paying data science positions in India is that of a machine learning scientist, whose average annual income ranges from INR 7,20,000 to INR 19,00,000.

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