Want to Switch Careers? Try This!

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Want to Switch Careers Try This!

Choosing a particular career doesn’t have to be set in stone. There always comes a time in a person’s life when they ponder over the journey of their ongoing career and decide to think things through. Well, first, we hope you realise that it’s completely normal and understandable to want to switch careers, for a human individual is not a future seer, they cannot know for sure how things are going to turn out to be in their future with their chosen career; so being in dilemma about the same at any stage of their career life is completely in sync with the series of unprecedented life events. So what does, rather can, one do when they want to switch careers? For your help, try this below! Read on!


At first, when you want to switch careers, you should take inventory of things and review what it is that pertains to your want to change careers; what you can do about it; and what immediate steps must process through.  For starters, you can start a journal; question yourself what it is about the current situation/job that doesn’t meet your needs or requirements, and further what it is that you do need. Review your current set of skills, accomplishments, and more, and analyse which variety of job roles could you suit. 

Question The Range of Career Change 

Next, try to review and understand if you want to change professions in the same industry or want a completely different industry that could suit your interests. Many wish to change careers within the same industry as their experience helps them navigate through their career change better, but for others shifting to a completely different role could be what constitutes starting over. 


Now, one of the most obvious and natural things/steps for one to take is to research jobs and potential career matches that help the individual decide what options lie in their future. Meet new people in the field you are in fact interested in; talk to people and try to gather first-hand information. Further, you can also browse and get to know your college alumni association.

Curate An Action Plan 

Try making a plan of action regarding the steps you are going to take once you have decided on the career you wish to change to and the potential jobs you are going to apply to. Things like college qualifications, additional skills, and experience come into account under this step, for a career change means you need to upgrade your curriculum vitae, so start working on improving the same. 

Use Your Social Network 

References and contacts go a long way when you want to switch careers. So, make sure you only reach out to trusted professionals for advice and create a network of contacts in the industry you are planning to move to; for they could put in a good for you, and you maintain a disciplined reputation from the start. Moreover, you could also start by looking out for volunteer opportunities or internships to make up for the experience you lack in the new industry, introducing yourself to their ways of working. 

Track Your Progress 

Lastly, it’s important for you to map the progress you made so that you are aware of what’s working and what doesn’t. Log milestones in your journal (that we discussed in the first point) to keep you motivated and in sight of your set goals. Acknowledge all your small victories and accomplishments and believe that you can make a career change, successfully, after all. 

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Top Highest Paying Jobs for Career Changers 

Some of the highest-paying jobs for people who want to change careers are mentioned below:

Name of the Job PositionAverage Salary 
Social Media Director$86,428 (INR 71 lakh)
Financial Planner$121,770 (INR 100 lakh)
Software Developer$108,080 (INR 100 lakh)
Marketing Manager$147,240 (INR 120 lakh)
Network Administrator$87,070 (INR 72 lakh)

Those were some of the things you could do or try if you want to switch careers! Received a better idea? We sure hope you did! For better guidance on educational qualifications needed to change your career, you can always reach out to Leverage Edu specialists at 1800 57 2000. Call us now for a FREE 30-minute consultation! 

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