How to Become a Systems Software Developer?

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How to Become a Systems Software Developer (1)

Developers of systems software are among the most highly paid technical specialists in today’s workplace, and they typically have greater education than any other IT specialist. On average, they make $54.46 an hour. Do you want to become a systems software developer? If you feel ‘Yes’, this blog is suitable for you. Keep on reading to get step by step guide to achieving your dream career path.

What Does a Systems Software Developer Do?

Software developers are responsible for creating the systems that maintain a computer’s functionality. In addition to designing and coding software, they install and manage it. They need to resolve the troubleshooting problems as well as customers’ issues. The developers of systems software are responsible for creating or modifying software used in computers and other technologies, such as telephones, routers, and switches. They are the head of the whole development process of software programming. Anything with a chip inside will require a systems software developer in order to function. Software developers are normally closely related to computer programmers. Developers sometimes write code themselves rather than instruct programmers.

How to Become a Systems Software Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Take Up Science Stream in Your 11th

Your preparation for how to become a Systems Software Developer starts as early as your school level. One of the mandatory requirements is to take up the science stream after your 10th board. You should make sure that you have a good grasp of all the basic topics taught in the science subjects since that is essential for being eligible to pursue a higher educational degree in this field after school. Also, you will need good marks in the science subjects so that you can meet the minimum requirements of studying at one of the best universities for your further studies.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

The most important step is to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. A bachelor’s in computer science is of a duration of 4 years and will cover all the essential topics that you need to master for becoming a systems software developer. Completing a bachelor’s in computer science will make you eligible to go for a master’s in the same related field and further an opportunity to specialize in the same field.

Do Internships

Internships can help you put your skills into practice. Make sure to grasp as many internship opportunities as you can while you are pursuing your undergraduate degree or even after completing it. These internships will provide you with a much-needed understanding of the different tasks that are performed by them and help you in attaining success in your future endeavours. It will also give you a comparative advantage over other candidates when you apply for jobs.

Build Your Skillset

Although a bachelor’s degree in computer science will make you eligible to become a systems software developer, you need to keep upgrading your skills to not only have an advantage over other candidates but also to make yourself ready for varied job positions. 

Earning certifications like HDP Certified Developer, DataStax Professional Certification on Apache Cassandra, Puppet Certified Professional, etc. can give you a competitive edge over others. Also, you can also opt for a higher degree in software engineering to open up further job opportunities.

Apply for Jobs

The final and most important step toward how to become a software engineer is to start applying for jobs. You need to craft a perfect resume highlighting all your skills and experience to be considered the perfect candidate for the systems software developer job. Initially, you might have to settle with a job at a smaller company, but as you keep gathering experience and building on your skills, you can soon rise up to get a position at your dream company.

Top Universities for Systems Software Developer Courses Abroad

Focussing on quality education is very important. So, for your reference, we have provided you with a list of the top universities that you can refer to.

University of LondonUK
The University of ManchesterUK
The University of EdinburghUK
University of OxfordUK
Imperial College of LondonUK
University of CambridgeUK
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUSA
Stanford UniversityUSA
University of California, BerkeleyUSA
Georgia Institute of TechnologyUSA
Harvard UniversityUSA
University of WaterlooCanada
University of TorontoCanada
University of British ColumbiaCanada
University of AlbertaCanada
McGill UniversityCanada

Top Colleges for Systems Software Developer Courses in India

Let’s refer to the universities and institutes in India offering programs in Computer Science mentioned below:

  • Thapar University
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • Jadavpur University


Systems software developers typically earn different depending upon their experience. The salary earned per year is mentioned below:

Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary Range
0-1$36,000 – $80,000
5-10$49,000 – $93,000
More than 10 $53,000 – $136,000


In order to become a software developer, what skills are necessary?

Problem-solving skills, attention to detail, programming language, management skills, etc. are the skills needed.

Coding is difficult, so why is it so difficult? 

Developing a coding skill is seen by some as being difficult because of its different nature, and because it’s incomparable to anything else we’ve ever done.

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