Unique Courses to Study in Europe For Indian Students

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Unique Courses to Study in Europe For Indian Students

Study abroad opportunities across the world offer a wide range of interesting courses to choose from. In the present time, educators and students have started looking beyond the mainstream fields and indulging more in other fun streams. Right from tea tasting to gaming studies, you can set your career in any discipline which interests you and earn efficiently. Europe offers you a variety of courses to match your niche. Check out this blog on 5 unique courses to study in Europe.

Unique Courses to Study in Europe

Here are the top courses that you must plan if you are planning to study a unique course:

  • Game Studies
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Space Studies
  • Smart City Energy Studies
  • e-Government Studies
  • Communication for Development
  • Open Environmental Education
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Spacecraft Design
  • Water Resources Engineering

Game Studies

Ever wondered why games are so addictive? The game, its setting, players and equipment are carefully designed by what we now know as Game studies or Ludology. The game isn’t just built on one idea but is meticulously studied depending on cultures, people, and their psychology. Games like PubG, Call of Duty, Temple Run, etc. have been crafted based on the fields of sports, anthropology, sociology, and many others which influence us daily. Therefore, Games Studies is an interesting and unique course to study in Europe.

The Tampere University in Finland offers the Master’s Degree Programme in Game Studies, which trains you in the field of ludology. You can also focus on building narratives or user experience at the University of Skövde in Sweden. A  degree in game design, humanities, or social science may help you set your foot in the gaming world of ludology.

Peace and Conflict Studies

A much-required field of study, this stream helps students understand the deep-rooted reasons for violent and non-violent behaviours. It explores the reasons behind – Why people engage in such vandalising and hurtful acts and identifies the structural mechanism of social conflicts. An interdisciplinary stream of this study is Irenoloigy-  seeking prevention and solutions of conflicts by peaceful means. Many peace promoters and activists like Olof Palme and Raoul Wallenberg have studied this subject at European universities which makes it a unique course to Study in Europe.

Uppsala University offers a master’s program in peace and conflict studies, Umeå University elaborates on crisis management and peacebuilding. Malmö University offers a 3-year undergraduate study in this discipline.

Space Studies

Next on our list of unique courses to study in Europe is space studies. This study is perfect for space geeks. It helps understand and explore the design, construction, and business of space equipment and its future research. The International Space University in France offers you postgraduate programs and short courses for your further foray into space studies. Every year,  the University of Luxembourg admits 20 exclusive students into its Interdisciplinary Space Masters who are equipped to bridge engineering, science, business, and finance ‌in‌ ‌NewSpace‌.  Besides that, physics enthusiasts can apply to the Master Programme in Spacecraft Design at Sweden’s Luleå University of Technology.

Smart City Energy Studies

Another unique course to study in Europe is smart city energy studies. This course focuses on the development of sustainable cities. The awareness for better and smart cities can positively impact the ecological system of the earth. It will help you gain expertise and deeply understand the ethical, social, and economic frameworks for sustainable energy in future cities.  The MSc Energy for Smart Cities program is jointly run by the Grenoble Institute of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KU Leuven, and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. This course will also widen your range of careers and provide benefits of urban living and the resources in Europe. 

e-Government Studies

Europe is the leading continent for the studies and initiatives in e-government learning. From public administrations to the digital markets, e-payments are effectively carried on in Europe. This not only fastens transactions but also replaces paper-based customs. The course helps you build the planning and technical skills necessary for running an administration. Stockholm University provides a 2-year online Master’s Programme in Open eGovernment. This rigorous program will prepare you for a digital future in public service by providing lessons in service design, innovation, security in e-government, and democracy.

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What is the best course to study in Europe?

Some of the best courses in Europe are:
1. Game Studies
2. Peace and Conflict Studies
3. Space Studies
4. Smart City Energy Studies
5. e-Government Studies
6. Communication for Development
7. Open Environmental Education
8. Automotive Engineering
9. Spacecraft Design
10. Water Resources Engineering

Which country in Europe is easiest to get a job?

Germany, Denmark, and Europe are some of the easiest countries to get a job.

What is the cheapest European country to study in?

Some of the cheapest European countries to study in are Poland, Hungary, and France.

Hope this blog helped you explore the various unique courses to study in Europe. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad

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