Study Midwifery Courses in Ireland: A Complete Guide!

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Midwifery is a professional rooted to provide overall care and support to women throughout their reproductive journey. They are skilled professionals with a blend of knowledge, compassion, and expertise which they embody in the physical and emotional well-being of a mother and her child. Through their significant care, they contribute to promoting maternal and infant health while embracing a partnership-based model of trust, care, and collaboration. If you are someone who is planning to opt for midwifery in Ireland and is confused regarding the whole procedure, this is the right place for you. Here is a complete guide to midwifery courses in Ireland


5 Reasons to Study in Ireland

Why Study Midwifery in Ireland?

The role of midwifery is comprehensive and includes a range of responsibilities to support the woman throughout her journey. Studying midwifery in Ireland can have several advantages and opportunities. It can be a great choice for shaping your path in midwifery- 

  • Ireland has an excellent education system and its program in midwifery is highly reputed. 
  • The qualification and midwifery course in Ireland is internationally recognized. 
  • There is a high demand for midwives in Ireland which further provides with a range of career opportunities. 
  • The Irish government has made efforts and invested in expanding the service to improve maternal and Infant health outcomes. 

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What Does a Midwife Do?

Some key aspects of the responsibilities of a midwife are:

  • Care- Midwives provide multifaceted care to pregnant women throughout their journey including, health monitoring, labor, birth support, nutrition, and overall health. They also provide emotional care and reassurance. 
  • Postpartum care- Following childbirth, midwives also take postpartum care of both mother and the child. 
  • Education- Midwives provide education on various topics related to the parental journey as well as about health and nutrition. 
  • Support- Midwives advocate for women’s rights and their choices. They respect women’s autonomy and align their decisions with values. 

Overall, the responsibilities of a midwife are holistic that empower a woman along with her journey. 

Types of Midwifery Courses in Ireland

There are different types of courses available in the field of midwifery, with different levels of education and career aspirations. Some of the common courses on Midwifery in Ireland are: 

Midwifery Courses in Ireland Eligibility

The eligibility may vary from institution to institution but a minimum requirement would be a primary degree in nursing or equivalent. Proficiency in the English language is required which may involve tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or GRE. The age of the student must be above 18 with proper physical and mental fitness to undertake the course of midwifery in Ireland as the institution may ask for medical records and clearances as a part of the application process. 

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Top Universities for Midwifery in Ireland

In Ireland, several accredited universities and institutions offer the course of midwifery. Here are some notable institutions: 

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Midwifery Board of Ireland

NMBI stands for Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. It is a regulatory body responsible for the professional regulation of nurses and midwives in Ireland. The functions of NMBI include: 

  • Registration of qualified nurses and midwives, eligible for practice in Ireland who meet the necessary standards set by the regulatory body. 
  • It sets and monitors the standards of nursing and midwifery education. It also approved and accredited institutions that meet the quality and competency requirements. 
  • It develops a code of conduct and ethics for midwives and nurses in Ireland. 
  • It sets requirements for ongoing education and training. 
  • It also investigates complaints against nurses and midwives regarding incompetence, professional misconduct, or breach of the code of conduct. 

To become a licensed midwife in Ireland, one needs to have experience and also pass the IELTS exam to appear in the interview. 

Midwifery Career and Scope

The job of midwifery is usually positive and the demand for qualified midwives is usually high. The average salary for a midwife in Ireland is INR 10 Lakh yearly. An experienced person can make up to INR 34 Lakh per year. 

Scholarships for Midwifery Courses in Ireland

Students planning to study midwifery in Ireland can apt for various financial aid and scholarships such as: 

  • Higher education grants provided by Irish Government
  • Student Loans
  • Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Open Study/research award
  • DCU taught Masters Program  Award
  • Hugh Lane Gallery Curatorial Award
  • Midwifery organizations may also provide financial assistance 
  • International scholarships are provided by the Government and various other universities. 

Thorough research regarding the eligibility criteria, deadlines, and other requirements is compulsory to get financial aid. 

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The profession of a midwife is self-rewarding and fulfilling, both personally and professionally. It gives an opportunity to help the family during the most significant period of their lives, also bringing a new life into the world can be immensely fulfilling. It gives the chance to support a woman during her most crucial time and help and advocate her rights and choices. 


What subjects are required to opt for midwifery in Ireland?

Subjects required for the course of midwifery in Ireland are mathematics, Irish or any other language, and English. Also a fulfilling grade in science subjects- physics, chemistry, biology. 

How long is the program duration of training for a midwifery course?

The duration of the program is 18 months which includes 26 weeks of theory and 52 weeks of clinical practice

What is the level of midwifery in Ireland?

The level of midwifery in Ireland is level 8

Hope this blog cleared your doubts regarding the course of midwifery in Ireland. For more details contact Leverage Edu and get a perfect mentor who will help you throughout your study abroad journey. 

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