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One of the highly opted subjects; Liberal arts is a large field with a broad range of majors, including psychology, philosophy, political science, literature, and much more. Nowadays, students are highly opting for this course due to the variety of job profiles and lucrative options available after the completion of the courses.  If you choose to pursue higher education at Universities in the USA with liberal arts as a major, it can be a life-changing experience. This blog helps you understand how to study liberal arts in US eligibility requirements, top universities, and more.

Why Study Liberal Arts in US?

There are an array of benefits to studying liberal arts and major reasons that ultimately boil down to personal circumstances. 

Employability skills

One of the significant benefits of Studying liberal arts is that it provides you with numerous necessary skill sets that help to succeed in the professional world. These “employability skills” include reading, language knowledge, writing, speaking effectively, problem-solving, basic numeracy, critical thinking, information literacy, and the ability to learn for the rest of your life.

Wide Range of Subjects

Another main reason for studying liberal arts is to get prepare for graduate school. Most students assume that medical schools only admit students with a major in sciences as well as law schools are only looking for political science majors. But, in reality, schools admit students who have a wide range of knowledge. Liberal art is a subject that can equip you with that base.

Scholarship Options

There are numerous funds available to study liberal arts. Thus, you must explore financial resource options like scholarships, financial grants, and loans.

Potential Majors

Here is a list of possible majors that you can opt for if you choose to study liberal arts in US

Eligibility Requirements 

There are a few eligibility requirements that you are required to fulfil to pursue higher education at universities in the US with liberal arts as a major. These requirements mainly depend on the universities. But the basic one to study liberal Arts in US is

  • To pursue an undergraduate degree at a university in the USA, you must have passed high school with relevant marks from an officially recognized institution. 
  • To pursue a postgraduate degree at universities in the USA, you must have an undergraduate degree in liberal arts with relevant marks from an officially recognized institution. 

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Score Requirements 

When your first language is not English, you must qualify for the language proficiency test such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

Language Proficiency Tests Score Requirements 
IELTS6.5 bands 

Documents Required

You are also required to submit a list of documents to study liberal arts in US universities. Some of the essential documents required are 

Top Universities to Study Liberal Arts in US

The US is highly opted for higher education abroad by international students because it is home to numerous reputed universities that are well-known for delivering quality programs through highly-qualified faculty members. Some of the top universities for liberal arts in the USA are  

Name of the Universities QS World Rankings 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1
Harvard University5
Stanford University3
California Insitute of Technology6
University of Chicago10
University of Pennsylvania13
Princeton University16
Yale University18
Cornell University20
Columbia University 22

Top Liberal Arts Courses and Fees

Another major benefit of studying liberal arts in the USA is there are numerous courses offered by prestigious universities to choose from. Some of the top liberal arts courses in the USA are 

Name of the Courses Name of the UniversityAverage Fees in INR 
BS in University Studies- Global Arts, Planning, Design, and ConstructionTexas A & M University29.17 lakhs 
Bachelor in Art, Film, and Visual StudiesHarvard University40.53 lakhs 
Bachelor in Art, Film, and Visual StudiesArizona State University27.06 lakhs 
Theatre and Design, BA/BSNortheastern University46.12 lakhs 
Bachelor of Science in Art and DesignMassachusetts Institute of Technology43.63 lakhs 
Bachelor of Fine Arts in ActingThe University of Illinois Chicago24.21 lakhs 
Master of Arts in Art PracticeStanford University24.26 lakhs 
BA in arts University of New Haven34.78 lakhs 
Master of Arts in Art HistoryThe University of Texas at Dallas 29.50 lakhs 
Master of Fine Arts in Dance/Master of Arts in Teaching DanceNew York University63.53 lakhs 

Scope of Liberal Arts

The Pandemic has demonstrated to the world that adaptability and flexibility are critical to success. Many jobs have been lost in recent years. Retail businesses, for example, were severely impacted. Liberal arts education prepares you to adapt to changing job market landscapes. It frees your mind from being a restricted specialist with only one disciplinary specialisation. When you can analyse a problem from multiple perspectives, rather than just as an engineer, scientist, or humanist, you become a professional who can “Think Differently” and “Think Smartly.”

To summarise, Liberal Arts Study shapes a student’s education to foster flexibility and openness in thinking. As a result, even as technology advances and some careers become obsolete, Liberal Arts Education will remain relevant!

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Which is the best country to study liberal arts?

The USA is a highly opted country for liberal arts as it is home to numerous prestigious universities known across the globe for delivering quality education.

What are liberal arts in US?

Liberal arts is a wide range of study areas that includes mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. For international students aspiring to pursue higher education in the USA, there is a wide range of subjects offered at US universities. 

Is liberal arts worth studying?

There are an array of benefits of getting enrolled on a Liberal arts degree as it helps in acquiring knowledge and skills in a broad range of subjects rather than one. 

If you want to pursue a career in Liberal Arts, you’ll need a strong portfolio and background. To secure admission to the top universities in the US, contact Leverage Edu today or book a 30-minute free counselling session with our experts at 1800 57 2000 

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