Study in Malaysia- The Land of Unexpected Treasures

Study in Malaysia

When it comes to viewing Malaysia as a study abroad destination, it is like the Durian fruit. Durian is the king of all fruits. From the outside, it may not seem like the best option but once you bite in, you will definitely be grateful to the person who suggested it. So is the case with the decision to study in Malaysia. Most people question the decision of exploring educational prospects in developing nations but Malaysia’s strength lies in the fact that they spend a huge share of their income on strengthening relationships with foreign universities. 

A number of foreign universities from the US, UK, and Australia have opened up their respective branches here. Still, there’s a lot to know so let us help you out by guiding you along the right path. 

Why Malaysia?

Let’s locate it on the map. It lies in the Southeast Asian region of the world. According to CIA World Factbook, Malaysia covers up more than 320,808 sq km of area in which 31,806,660 people are residing. Kuala Lumpur is the capital region of the country. Malaysia is proved to be a diverse nation because it has around 50% of Malay and indigenous, 20% of Chinese, 16.2% of Indians, and other 13.8% of tourists. The currency of Malaysia is called Malaysian Ringgit which equals to approximately 16 Indian rupees. 

Why Study in Malaysia?

High-Class Universities

Back in the day, studying in Malaysia wasn’t as popular as studying in Singapore or Hong Kong. Now the universities of Malaysia have made their place into the lists of top 200 world-class educational institutions. The credit for the success of universities goes to Malaysian government enforcement and legislation. It may not have been possible for the universities to grow without the amendment of some acts like:

  • The Education Act 1996
  • The Private Higher Educational Institution Act 1996
  • The Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007

Moreover, an agency called “Malaysian Qualification Agency” looks after the specific given set of instructions and ensures whether educational institutions are performing up to the mark or not to maintain a high standard for studying in Malaysia. 

Study in Malaysia- Low Costs of Living and Tuition Fees

What if we tell you that you can do the same course provided in the UK at half price in Malaysia? Now you must be wondering there must be some difference in quality. Nope! In fact, the content of the courses when you study in Malaysia will be the same. You’re going to be evaluated by the same marking scheme and criteria. However, the only difference you may see here is in teaching methods because when it comes to teaching, Malaysian teachers have their own style. In addition to this, living expenses are quite affordable. By spending only $200-$300, you may get one month of meals, transportation, utilities, accommodation and other miscellaneous things needed for a living. We don’t think there’s any other country where you can get the best education and living at these prices. 

 Multicultural Environment

The diversity and behavior of the Malaysian natives are much alike to the Indians. Even though they all are different, they live cordially with each other. And their friendliness isn’t only limited to themselves but is extended even to tourists and foreign nationals. Thus, you can study in Malaysia without worrying much about the change in the environment.

Malaysians Know English

English is widely spoken throughout the country. So, you won’t have to face any problems with communication when you study in Malaysia. If you study here you’ll find that most of the courses are taught in English. You will feel right at home when studying in Malaysia.

Job Opportunities

The industrial sector of Malaysia is developing at a rapid speed which has created a need for employees. And you know what? A major part of the GDP of the nation is covered by the industrial sector. Don’t worry about the salary package. The salary provided by the Malaysian companies is attractive enough to make you work right after you study in Malaysia.

Beautiful Nation

Life becomes more cheerful when we stay in beautiful places. We recommend you to take a break during the course so that you can reap the benefits of the beautiful landscapes of the nation. You can visit rainforests, jungles, islands, highlands, and places that only natives know. Yes, some natives know places that are not popular. Don’t just study in Malaysia, make some friends and explore the beautiful nation too.

Delicious Food

Once you walk around the streets, you will know how obsessed Malaysians are with foods. International students get a chance to try out various cuisines while studying in Malaysia. You can also enjoy some of the top dishes like Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Milo Ais, Curry Laks, and Kopi Beng. 

Balanced Weather

The weather remains constant 365 days. You may experience a pleasant sun every day. No, it’s not that hot as sprinkles of rain are there to balance the weather of the nation. Once the rain overs, you get more pleasant weather to hang out and chill while you study in Malaysia.

Challenges of Studying in Malaysia

It’s Safe But Not Too Safe

We aren’t claiming that studying in Malaysia is not safe. Of course, it is a safe study destination. Still, you advise you to be alert and careful in congested areas.

Heavy Traffic

In some cities like Kuala Lumpur, you may face an abundant amount of traffic. Natives of the country often tell that the roads get blocked for up to 2 hours in the morning and up to 3 hours in the evening.

Step-By-Step Method to Get Admission in Malaysian Universities

It can be taxing trying to figure everything out so we’ve put in a step by step guide for you:

Step 1: Research well about the courses and programs you would want to study in Malaysia. See which ones are suitable for your career and which aren’t. 

Step 2: Now check the eligibility criteria of your universities online. Make a list of the ones that are attractive and match up with your eligibility.

Step 3: For initial approval, you have to send an email to the university of your choice representing your current qualifications. Once they approve your qualifications, you will be replied within 3-5 working days.

Step 4: Prepare the following documents to ensure convenient admission to study in Malaysia :

  • 7 passport size photographs
  • Certified copies or transcripts of the previous academic results
  • A valid passport with a year of validity
  • General medical report to prove that your health is normal
  • Certifications in IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Advanced 
  • Application form

Step 5: Once you get approved, you will receive the following acceptance package from the university: 

  • Student’s Copy
  • Office Copy
  • Accommodation Booking Form
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Payment Advice Form
  • Arrival Services Form 
  • Course Fee Refund Policy

Step 6: Once you receive the above package, submit it to the Malaysian Immigration Department to get a student visa. This process may take up to 6 weeks. So stay relaxed for a while. 

Step 7: After the approval of your student visa request, you will get a student visa approval letter by a mail from the Malaysian Immigration Department. 

Step 8: Now is the high time to approach the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate to get your Single Entry Visa. After getting a visa, arrange your flight and submit arrival services form after the confirmation of flight details. 

Step 9: That’s it. When you arrive at the university, make sure that you settle all the finances as soon as possible and attend the required medical test at the advised medical clinic. 

Congratulations! Now you’re free to study in Malaysia for a year! After a year, you can get the assistance of the university to renew your student pass. 

Top Universities to Study in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia at the University of Malaya

It’s a non-profit university which was formed 57 years ago. This university is one of the most respected educational institutions to study in Malaysia. Respected because two former Malaysian Prime Ministers of the nation, cultural figures, and excellent entrepreneurs are proud alumni of this university. When you start your academic year at the university, you will be given an introductory week to know about the university and its surroundings. 

Study in Malaysia at the University of Science, Malaysia

As the name suggests, the university specializes in science and is one of the best to study in Malaysia. The university was established 50 years ago. Today, it has three main campuses in the following regions:

  • Island of Penang (Main campus)
  • Nibong Tebal (An Engineering campus)
  • Kelantan (Health Campus)

The university aims to bring the best out of their students. They want them to know their “why”. You won’t get disappointed here. In fact, by the end of your course, you will end up knowing so much about your purpose in life. Now, you may ask “How can a science university coach us about self-growth or matters related to practical life?”. Actually, that’s what different here. You’re not only going to study academics, but you’re also going to study your own self too. If we check the list of its alumni, we will find out some of the most influential scientific brains. 

Study in Malaysia at the National University of Malaysia

Generally, they call it as UKM or Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. It’s a non-profit university in the southern region of the Kuala Lumpur which was formed 49 years ago. Currently, it has more than 23,000 students enrolled. Out of these 23,000 students, 1300 are international students who belong to 35 nationalities. Its accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education making it an even more desirable university for the international students to study in Malaysia. At present, the university is committed to staying one step ahead of society and time regarding matters of development, dynamic learning, and moral society. 

Study in Malaysia at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

This is the innovative entrepreneurial research university of technology and engineering. It is located in the capital of the nation, Kuala Lumpur. Internationals often call this university as UTM or the University of Technology. So don’t get confused with various names. For engineering, the faculty has been divided in:

  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Biomedical 

Apart from engineering, there are more faculties for:

  • Pure Sciences
  • Education
  • Management
  • Human Resources Development 

Most of the engineers of the country graduate from here. At present, the university is committed to achieving mastery in the development of science & technology and human resources. 

Study in Malaysia at the Sunway University

It’s one of the most respected public universities to study in Malaysia. In 2017 SETARA assessment of Malaysian Higher Education Institutions, it received 5-star rating award. Moreover, out of the top 8 Malaysian universities, this university was awarded by Digital Technology University status by MDCE. Currently, the university aims at solving the world’s most pressing problems through its intensive research programs. They invest a lot for equipment and other necessary research facilities. This university has close ties with Harvard, Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the University of California. Studying at this university can help you build a network that can help your future endeavors. It is certainly a must-consider option if you are planning to study in Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the most inexpensive study abroad destinations for international students. Those who are from India would pay approximately the same amount as in their home country. Few opportunities in life are just like that Durian fruit. Now is the time to decide. Whether you want to grab it or not. We’re talking about the fruity opportunity to study in Malaysia. We can help you reap the benefits of studying in Malaysia, you can contact us at Leverage Edu – +91-8826200293 now.

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