Study Abroad: Rankings Revealed for Best Student Cities 2023-24

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Study Abroad: Rankings Revealed for Best Student Cities 2023-24
Planning to study abroad? Explore the world’s most important student-friendly locations with the best QS student cities in 2023.

Some of the latest editions of QS best student cities rate university locations on factors such as desirability and affordability. Moreover, once again top spot goes to London but the top 10 cities include Seoul, Sydney, Zurich and Tokyo. 


United Kingdom; the educational system places a strong focus on autonomous study, critical thinking, and research. Students from all over the world are drawn to the UK because of its extensive selection of programmes and disciplines. The QS Rankings 2024 methodology underwent significant adjustments, which caused this year’s rankings of universities to fluctuate noticeably. Sustainability, Employment Outcomes, and the International Research Network were three new indicators that were extremely important in the evaluations.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) 12-year streak of dominance. The University of Oxford has risen to take the third rank, replacing Stanford University, while the University of Cambridge has managed to hold onto its second place.

The rankings’ 20th iteration comes at a time when higher education’s goals are changing. It has established a global network of connections between millions of students, professors, employers, and institutions.

Study Abroad: Rankings Revealed for Best Student Cities 2023-24

QS World Ranking: Top 10 Cities

Another year where London takes the world’s top spot as the best city for studying abroad. Below mentioned are the top 10 student cities as per the QS rankings. 

1London United Kingdom
2Munich Germany
2SeoulSouth Korea
10EdinburghUnited Kingdom

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