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The phrase “punishment” is one that we are all familiar with. However, only a small percentage of the population is familiar with capital punishment. Capital punishment is a court-ordered death penalty for violating criminal laws. Furthermore, the method of punishment differs from one country to the next. Some countries hang the criminals until they die, while others shoot or inject them with a fatal injection. Keep reading the blog to find an IELTS Essay on Capital Punishment and much more!

Methods of Capital Punishment 

  • Electrocution – In this method, the perpetrator is bound to a chair and a high-voltage current is passed through his body, quickly killing a guy. It also leads to organ failure (especially heart).
  • Tranquilization – This method causes the criminal to die slowly and painlessly by injecting toxin injections into his body. It can take up to several hours for the criminal to die.
  • Beheading – Arab and Gulf countries commonly use this method of capital punishment. In this, they just sever the person’s head from their body using this manner.
  • Stoning – It is a kind of capital punishment in which the criminal is beaten to death. It’s also the most agonizing technique of execution.
  • Shooting – In this approach, the culprit is shot either in the head or in the chest.
    Hanging – In this method, the culprit is hanged till death.
Capital Punishment
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Advantages of Capital Punishment

  • A life sentence is disproportionate to the seriousness of the offense.
  • The death sentence has the potential to deter violent crime.
  • It does not have to be done in a violent manner.
  • The affected family is not re-victimized by the death penalty.
  • It eliminates the prospect of an escape and potential victims in the future.
  • When capital punishment is used in a fair manner, it can help to reduce prison overcrowding.

Disadvantages of Capital Punishment

  • When applied, it is the ultimate negation of human rights.
  • The death penalty has the potential to execute someone who is potentially innocent.
  • The cost of bringing a death penalty case to trial is substantially higher than in other situations.
  • With the death sentence in existence, there may be no deterrent to crime.
  • It’s used to keep political messages under control.
  • Capital punishment is occasionally used to put children to death.
  • There is no turning back once the execution has occurred.
  • Sometimes the evidence used to justify the death penalty is contaminated.
  • It is frequently used in a discriminating manner.
  • The death sentence has a negative influence on a victim’s family.
  • Only a few jail escapes occur each year, and even fewer involve violent offenders.
  • Some people are simply unconcerned.

IELTS Essay On Capital Punishment (Sample) 

This is an IELTS essay on Capital Punishment which can help you for your exam-

Our lives are less secure without capital punishment, and violent crimes are on the rise. Capital punishment is necessary to restrain violence in society. Since the beginning of time, there has been debate about capital punishment, particularly for violent offences. Many regard it as one of the most heinous penalties, intended to convey a stern message to anyone who even contemplates trouble. While some believe it is natural justice, others believe it is unnatural and argue that humans should not play the role of demi-god. I am certain that people are incapable of deciding one’s death purely on the basis of a disruptive account.

Capital punishment strongly depicts eye-for-an-eye justice, which is a barbarous act in and of itself. Hanging someone to death will not improve the victim’s position, nor will it bring the dead back to life. It may provide a phoney sense of fairness to the people, proving transitory and fading with media attention. Instead, the victim must be given the opportunity to reflect on his own actions, perhaps by meeting the victim or the victim’s family. History has demonstrated that such an exercise acts as a form of punishment because the guilty is usually consumed by flames of repentance. Certainly, such a person deserves a second opportunity.

Few people, on the other hand, would argue that capital punishment restricts criminals and makes the general public feel safe, which is the establishment’s primary responsibility. It is not, in my opinion, lethal punishment that induces a sense of security. People will feel safer in countries like India if decisions are delivered on time and the process is transparent because justice delayed is justice denied. 

It should be emphasized that the main goal of punishment is to reform and rehabilitate a criminal. The state’s job should be to punish the guilty person in a way that re-educates and morally redeems him. Given the inevitability of capital punishment, it should not be used in any circumstance.

A life sentence could instead be used for this purpose where it’s possible that the criminal is given a second opportunity.

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