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One of the famous festivals in the world, EID is an essential festival in the Muslim religion. While pursuing a Muslim religion it is very important to know how and why this festival is celebrated. This greatest festival of the Muslim religion is celebrated globally with great pomp. This festival of EID is observed after 30 continuous days of fasting which is considered very Holy. The popularity of this festival is due to its continuous fasting and donation of clothes, food grains, and money to the poor which is also known as Fitr. Further, EID is also a common essay topic in the school curriculum and various academic and competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, UPSC, etc. This blog brings you samples of essays on EID with tips & tricks on how to write an essay.

Tips on Writing an Essay

If you want to write an impactful and scoring essay here are some tips on how to write a good essay:

  • The initial step is to write an introduction or background information about the topic
  • You are required to use the formal style of writing and avoid using slang language.
  • To make an essay more impactful, write dates, quotations, and names to provide a better understanding
  • You can use jargon wherever it is necessary as it sometimes makes an essay complicated
  • To make an essay more creative you can also add information in bulleted points wherever possible
  • Always remember to add a conclusion where you need to summarise crucial points
  • Once you are done read through the lines and check spelling and grammar mistakes before submission

Sample Essays

To help you in writing an impactful essay on EID, here is a sample essay to give you a basic idea.

Essay on EID in 200 Words

EID or EID-al-Fitr is one of the greatest Muslim festivals that is known as a festival of sacrifice or a festival of breaking the fast. According to the Muslim religion, this most prominent and holy festival is celebrated globally for three to four days. The major significance of this day is to break the continuous fasting of 30 days also known as Ramadan. Ramadan is basically a special fasting month according to the Islamic calendar and the last day of this month is considered EID. further in this month of Ramadan people keep hard fasting and only consume food after the moon comes into the sky. As per the Muslim religion, the celebration and fasting of EID are believed to purify the soul. 

EID is an essential festival not only from a religious perspective but also from the national point of view as it promotes donation, cares for poor people, and brotherhood. This festival helps people in realizing and thinking about their existence and it is this time when highly rich people donate high to needy and poor people. Numerous people globally come together to celebrate this festival with love and happiness. Furthermore, this festival enlightens the deep bonding between the religions. 

Essay on EID in 300 Words 

EID is celebrated worldwide not only by Muslims but by the people of all religions globally. This day signifies the end of 30 days long and continuous fasting so that people can eat their hearts out. This tradition was started by Prophet Muhammad in Mecca as it is believed that on this day the Prophet Muhammad reached Medina. Usually, the excitement for the festival begins with the onset of Ramadan when the people start preparing for EID. women are observed wearing dresses, bangles, and accessories whereas men wear traditional Kurta ns Pajamas. The day of EID is confirmed by people when the mood is the sight in the sky and then everyone wishes each other “Chandmunarak” to confirm the EID. Thus EID is the festival of joy and happiness that enlightens the lives of people. Further, it is also a reward for people who fast for more than 30 days and enjoy a feast on EID as it promotes brotherhood as well as joy. Another interesting part of this greatest festival is EIDI which is given to the youngster by elders in form of money and the ritual of preparing sewaiyyan that is prepared with a plethora of methods across the globe. Furthermore, some other delicious foods including kebab, biryani, and korma are prepared on this day to relish guests and enjoy these delicacies with their near and dear ones.

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