SAT to Drop Optional Essays and Subject Tests from the Exam

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SAT to drop optional essays

The College Board which administers the SAT has decided to drop optional essays and subject tests from the exam. The Board proclaimed its verdict of SAT to drop optional essays, which has led to the shaping of the Scholastic Aptitude Test fifty minutes more concise. This has changed the entire SAT Exam Pattern. Applicants are accepted based on Scholastic Test Aptitude numbers for UG admittances in the United States and forty universities in India owned and deemed.

This judgment of SAT to drop optional essays has been taken by the college board, retaining in cognizance the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the record, more than a million high school grads of the 2020 batch arrived for the test during the covid-19 pandemic. But following the disorder, the SAT testing manner has been struck severely. 

Students enrolled for the subject test for the Scholastic Aptitude Test in 2020 will get their compensation promptly. The college board will give two last subject terms in May and June for global spots. From June 2021, subject tests will be dropped.

The SAT with an essay can be taken by the students, through the June 2021 SAT session. The SAT Exam dates will also be announced soon. The Board also declared it would present possibilities for students in the class of 2022 to take the SAT this year by providing them positions that would contrarily go to those seeking subject tests and perhaps developing potential and examination management this autumn.

The essay segment plays an imperative role in boosting the Scholastic Aptitude test score from 1600 to 2400 for more than a decade. For years SAT was acknowledged as one of the fundamental parts of admittance to various colleges. According to the college board, they are also operating on streamlining the digital examinations. The SAT syllabus has been updated and made available for students. 

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