Top 30 Podcasts for Students

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Podcasts for Students

Learning is a brain-stimulating experience. While reading and writing are the most common ways to learn, the digital world has dramatically transformed the traditional learning methods by bringing visual, aural and various other forms of learning. One such new-age form of learning and education are Podcasts. From commuting to working out, you can easily fit educational podcasts into your tight daily schedule and make it productive. Podcasts for students are an innovative way to acquaint students with many informational knick-knacks and familiarize them with a diverse list of topics. They provide a way to expand the horizon of knowledge and make life more productive. The need is to just pop your earphones in and get ready to absorb knowledge. Here are our top picks for the 10 best podcasts for students that are entertaining, informational and fascinating. 

Top 30 Podcasts for Students

Looking for the best educational podcasts for students? Here is our list of top 20 podcasts for students:

  1. StarTalk Radio by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  2. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders by Stanford eCorner
  3. Rationally Speaking, New York City Skeptics
  4. Stuff to Blow your Mind
  5. A History of the World in 100 Objects
  6. Good Job Brain!
  7. 99% Invisible
  8. Reveal
  9. The Memory Palace
  10. Philosophize This!
  11. Radiolab
  12. Stuff You Should Know
  13. TED Radio Hour
  14. Freakonomics Radio
  15. The CollegeInfo Geek
  16. Short and Curly
  17. You are not so smartGood Job, Brain!
  18. Adulting 101
  19. Hardcore History
  20. This I Believe
  21. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
  22. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
  23. The Tony Robbins Podcast
  24. The $100 MBA Show
  25. The Naked Scientist
  26. Science Friday
  27. The Podcast History of our World
  28. Math For Primates
  29. A Way with Words
  30. 60 Seconds Science

StarTalk Radio by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Started by acclaimed astrophysicist Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, StarTalk Radio is amongst the best podcasts for students interested in the mysteries of space. The ever-mysterious and unknown spectrums of space are unravelled in an interesting and engaging way by Dr Tyson as he talks about various concepts of astrophysics from basic and foundational and new discoveries and advancing trends. Captivating in content and fascinating because of its preciseness, this podcast builds a scintillating getaway to the world of space. Often, he invites famous personalities and interviews them making the podcast even more interactive.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders by Stanford eCorner

Amongst the favourite podcasts of students passionate about the world of entrepreneurship, this podcast brings inspirational business leaders together and paints a stimulating canvas of their business lessons, entrepreneurial journey and how to turn a business idea into a successful venture. A weekly seminar series, it is brought forward by Stanford eCorner and provides a platform for renowned entrepreneurs to share their personal stories of failures and success. It is perfect for those aspiring to become entrepreneurs as you can learn from the best leaders and their setbacks and lessons to begin your new venture with!

Rationally Speaking, New York City Skeptics

A podcast for students who are intrigued by rationality and cognitive psychology, Rationally Speaking strives to understand the foundation of being rational. It talks about reading, concepts of pseudoscience and biases that prevail in human thinking. Hosted by Julia Galef, this educational podcast explores the reasons for being rational in one’s thinking and abstract concepts like heuristics and utilitarianism.

Stuff to Blow your Mind

As one of the top entertaining podcasts for students, Stuff to Blow Your Mind is all about taking listeners on a fun-filled ride on breaking the limits of human understanding. Perfect for people of all ages, this podcast is hosted by Robert Lamb and Julie Douglas as they take insightfully fun expeditions on multifarious topics and raise questions on what we often wonder about. Innately entertaining and vastly amusing, it also provides its listeners with the space to conduct research at their individual level inspired by the claims made by the hosts and figure out if they actually work. From unravelling cosmic mysteries to evolutionary wonders, this educational podcast squeezes a wide array of topics in a fun-packed informational ride!

A History of the World in 100 Objects

For those inclined towards studying archaeology and history, this informational podcast is the best one you need to start your day with! As the name says it all, this podcast tells the history of the world by narrating stories about important artefacts from every nook and corner of the world. It envisions the world is a huge museum filled with archaeological marvels packed with numerous hints and untold stories of human evolution and history and takes listeners on an interesting virtual tour and brings to light many interesting and informational facts about significant historical creations.

Good Job Brain!

As fun as its title sounds, Good Job Brain! is a weekly offbeat podcast and takes quizzing trivia to another level by bringing a podcast-cum-online quiz show of sorts. At times, it also disseminates important but amusing information about offbeat topics. The podcast helps in sharpening the mind of the listeners by its active quizzing spersed with exciting facts and trivia! A must-listen podcast for students, it is the nutritional crunch your mind is waiting to devour.

99% Invisible

Emphasising things that “we don’t think about”, this podcast for students is the perfect blend of mystery and information. The blog tries to satiate the listeners’ curiosity about how things are designed and how those things work which we often don’t really think about! Focussing on the hardly visible (thus the name!), the podcast talks about anything and everything and provides information about what you didn’t know you wanted to know! Don’t be surprised when you are shocked by the information that this podcast provides.


Bringing investigative journalism at its best, this podcast is a wonderful alternative to the mainstream media which is often biased. Striving to bring to light to issues not frequently raised and presenting them as they are, it focuses on how essential it is to form our own original and rational opinions of the latest issues. Characterised by extensive research meant to objectively raise each issue, it helps listeners develop critical analysis and independent thinking ability thus making it one of the most beneficial podcasts for students. 

The Memory Palace

Focusing on an innovative take on the multifarious narratives of world history, this podcast is manifold times more interesting than any book on history. You will get to know about the global history through a narrative voice and implementation of amusing vignettes that breathe life into the past. For all history lovers, this podcast is like an exciting roller-coaster taking you back to the past. One of the most helpful podcasts for students, it will make up for all the history lessons missed or skipped!

Philosophize This!

Hosted by Stephen West, this podcast is based on the quintessentially stimulating world of philosophy. Philosophy without big, fat books and long debates might seem unimaginable, but this podcast has made it interesting and exciting. Starting from the history of philosophy to traversing every avenue of this field, it brings a comprehensive and lucid overview of various abstract concepts of philosophy which can often be mind-boggling. This podcast is for every student fascinated by the world of philosophy. 

The College Info Geek Podcast (Now The Inforium)

The Inforium (previously The College Info Geek Podcast) is the best podcast for college students. It talks about everything from maintaining your productivity while studying at college to how you can manage to earn some money for your college loans and pay them. It also features interesting talks on college life, getting better grades, while enjoying the most fun times of your life.

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Hence, we hope this blog has provided you with an amazing list of inspirational podcasts for students. Want to pursue higher education abroad? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you at every step of the admission process of your dream university from picking the right course to sorting the course requirements as well as making sure you send a winning application! Register today for a free counselling session!

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