Idea Validation Process with Akshay Chaturvedi

1 minute read

One can always vouch and trust Mr Akshay Chaturvedi, the very famous founder and CEO of India’s fastest-growing ed-tech company Leverage Edu. He is a living encyclopedia who can guide you on entrepreneurship, business ideas, startup ideas, career building, education abroad and whatnot. Catch up with Akshay in this extensive and interactive video cum session with none other than Priyanka Madnani who is the Founder of Easy To Pitch. Together, they do a healthy and an interesting discussion on the topic, “Roadmap to fundraise post-COVID-19”. He also shares some of his personal favourite tricks and tips with young aspiring entrepreneurs about how to start a business with no money and throws positive insights around the way businesses will change in a Post-COVID world. A power-packed talk, this session is for anyone who wants to be in the driver’s set and aspires to build a career in entrepreneurship.

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