Ikigai and Careers with Leverage Edu

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Working on a job that you enjoy is a blessing which many people overlook. This leads their careers to come to a halt. Despite there being several options, people are stuck and can’t settle. To solve this problem faced by a major population, our B-School expert Gaurav Bhatia, student mentor Devika Arora, and student counsellor- Khyaati Jain have come together to discuss Ikigai and careers. This elaborate session should help you calibrate the alignment of your career path in relation to your true calling. Watch this video and learn the process of finding your Ikigai in four steps. Doing what you love helps you stay focused and also is a motivational factor within itself. You need to ‘find your Ikigai’. It is a Japanese term that means ‘reason for being’. Ikigai is the Japanese secret to a happy life. So the next time you feel your career is frozen, ask yourself, ‘are you doing something that makes you happy? It is a simple solution for assessing where you stand in your career and determining what turns to take, based on a more long-term outlook. Reach our to Leverage Edu to get started to on your dream career path.

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