Podcasts for Medical Students

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Podcasts for Medical Students

Well, are you driven by knowing more? Well, if that is the case then worry not. As you have podcasts to your rescue. Podcasts now play an important role in the lives of students. With students becoming extremely occupied with assignments, they have little time left to gather knowledge that goes beyond the textbooks. Well in that case podcasts have entered the arena of making learning easier for you. You can tune in to podcasts while taking a walk or cooking meals, thus making your work even easier. In this blog we shall discuss some of the most popular podcasts for medical students. If you are a medical student, this might help you. Read on to know more.

Top Podcasts for Medical Students

If you wish to know more about the medical world and how it affects different aspects of a student’s life, these podcasts are a must listen for you. Right from interesting insights of the medical life to educational tips, these podcasts cover it all. We have listed some of the most popular podcasts for medical students below- 

  1. The Undifferentiated Medical Student
  2. 2 Docs Talk
  3. The Short Coat
  4. The Curbsider
  5. Beside Rounds
  6. This Podcast Will Kill You
  7. Docs Outside the Box

The Undifferentiated Medical Student

This podcast is for students who wish to know about various branches of specialisation in medicine. Right from paediatrics to sleep medicine, there is an episode for every medical student who wishes to get some clarity regarding their next career move.The podcasts feature interviews of doctors in various specialisation wherein they talk about their daily life routine and the course of the specialisation and what the students should expect.

2 Docs Talk

2 Docs Talk is a podcast hosted by Kendall Britt, MD, a practising hospitalist and Amy Rogers, MD, a Dallas medical writer. The run time of the podcast is 15mins. And this podcast covers news related to the healthcare system. The hosts talk about what an ideal doctor patient relationship should be like. 

The Short Coat

The Short Coat is a suitable podcast for students who either are planning to take up medicine or are already a few years into the course. Hosted by Dave Etler and students of University of Iowa Carver College of medicine, this podcast provides useful insights into the lives of medical students. It covers more of the social aspects of the life of medical students. 

The Curbsider

Although a little more clinically oriented, this podcast is for medical students who wish to brush up on important topics for upcoming tests. This podcast is of great help as it provides the option of brushing up on important topics while simultaneously working on other things.

Podcasts for Medical Students: Beside Rounds

Hosted by Adam Rodman, each episode of the podcast is 20 mins long and provides the host’s narrative of his life as a medical student. What draws listeners to this podcast is the humorous storytelling style of the host. The episodes are not only entertaining but educational as well. The stories are mostly about social and cultural events that eventually shaped healthcare. Each episode dwells on historical and intellectual facts. ]

Adam Rodman, is now a Harvard Medical Educator but he continues his podcast in partnership with the American College of Physicians. 

This Podcast Will Kill You

Hosted by Erin Weish and Erin Allmann Updyke, this podcast is all about how to tackle diseases. This Podcast Will Kill You is presented by students studying disease ecology. The podcast provides interesting insights into the world of medicine. 

It not only covers the history and biology of infectious disease but also how concerned you should be. 

Podcasts for Medical Students: Docs Outside the Box

As a kid Dr. Nii Darko wanted to become a doctor but soon after he realised the path to becoming a doctor wasn’t an easy one. So he started collecting stories of doctors who were involved working outside mainstream medicine. That is how he came up with Docs Outside the Box. These doctors were war medics, humanitarian workers and TV Medics. The must-listen podcast narrates the stories of healthcare professionals doing extraordinary things – outside an exam room. Hence, this podcast is a must listen for students who wish to get inspired from professionals who take their medical degree to another level.

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So, this was all about Podcasts for Medical Students. We hope you found this list to be useful and tune into any of it to help you know more about the legal sector. For more such content, stay connected with Leverage Edu!

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