Top 10 Podcasts for Engineering Students

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Podcasts for Engineering Students

Well, are you driven by learning more? Do you wish to be knowledgeable in your field of study? Well, if that is the case then worry not. As you have podcasts to your rescue. With smartphones gaining even more importance every passing day, podcasts have now come to play an important role in the education sector. You can tune in to podcasts while taking a walk or cooking meals, thus learning new things anywhere, anytime. In this blog, we shall discuss some of the most popular podcasts for engineering students. If you are an engineering student, this might help you. Read on to know more.

99% Invisible 

This podcast covers elements of engineering and architecture. While the focus is slightly more towards the designing element of architecture. The podcast is pretty engrossing as it not only covers concepts you might be familiar with but also goes on to discuss the unnoticed things around you, for instance, the designs and shapes that make up most of the area around us. It is henceforth not only for engineers but also for people with an inquisitive minds. It started as an independent production and was funded by Kickstarter campaigns.

To the Moon and Beyond

If aerospace engineering interests you then this podcast for engineering students is right for you. Composed of 5 episodes that talk about the 50 years since the first experience of the moon landing. The 5 episodes are composed of interviews with legendary personalities in this field from all over the world. They are mainly historians, space scientists, engineers and futurists. Another interesting fact about this podcast is that it even goes on to explore the past and future possibilities for space by 2069.

Engines of Our Ingenuity

Originally launched as a radio show, Engines of our Ingenuity can now be found in the form of podcasts. It was originally aired in 1988 and was hosted by John Lienhard. The purpose of this podcast is to remind students that our culture is formed by human creativity and how we humans have evolved over time with technological development and creativity progression. This podcast for engineering students covers topics ranging from submarines to self-replicating machines. This podcast essentially provides an interesting take on how engineering has contributed to shaping the modern world. 

The Engineering Career Coach

As the podcast has its name, it quite literally is for those students who wish to know more about future prospects in the field of engineering. This is a must-listen podcast for students who are planning to either 0 change their jobs, look for a strike between work play or just begin to settle with work. The podcast has knowledgeable speakers who guide listeners and discuss career-related things to offer their expertise. This podcast is therefore a must-listen for final-year engineering students. 

Level Up Engineering

This podcast reveals managerial secrets from the top tech leaders via their interviews. The interviews emphasise talking about the challenges faced by leaders while managing their organisations and how they have been able to overcome them. The podcast calls for interviews with leaders from companies like Uber and intercom. Thus, this podcast gives essential insights to students to better their management skills and put them to proper use.

Engineering IRL

Like the name itself suggests, Engineering IRL is a podcast that puts various mathematical and engineering concepts to use in real life. The main purpose behind this is to explain to the listeners how engineering concepts are applied in day-to-day life and how issues are resolved by engineers. Hence, a must-listen for engineering students as it increases their horizon of knowledge. 

Engineering Commons

With each podcast being an hour-long, the content tries to focus on the daily lives of engineers in the industry. The content is pretty diverse and discussions vary from assessing general tools to an engineer’s career planning. The podcast doesn’t provide too much detail on any particular subject.


The Engineering Student Experience

This podcast for engineering students was created by a senior lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona in the USA. The podcast offers detailed insights into studying engineering for a student. The main purpose of this is to help students make informed choices about their careers and future. It also talks about how students can succeed beyond the classroom. The episodes are mainly a culmination of interviews with staff and students and professional engineers too who are capable of answering the doubts of the students. 

So, this was all about Podcasts for Engineering students. We hope you found this helpful. For more such content stay connected to Leverage Edu. If these podcasts fail to help you with your dream career then just give us a call at 1800 57 2000 and we will take care of the rest! 

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