PhD in History

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PhD in History

Revolutions are the locomotive of History. Karl Marx

A PhD in History emphasises how History meticulously explores the age-old old civilizations and prehistoric events along with major historical revolutions and the evolution of the world civilization and society at large. It is not merely the composition of the past but teaches us many important lessons of forgiveness, truth and humanity as well as introduces us to the great leaders and revolutions that happened centuries ago. It can take the tremendous form of a story filled with tales of turmoil and triumph. Amongst the popular art stream subjects, History holds many untold stories and tales of turmoil and triumph. For those enthusiastic about studying this subject, an undergraduate and postgraduate can introduce you to the all-encompassing world of History as an area of study but if you want to further your education, a PhD is the right degree to opt for. This blog brings you a comprehensive course guide on PhD in History, top universities offering this degree, eligibility and admission criteria and career scope.

PhD in History Course Overview

PhD in History is a doctoral-level program which can range from 3-5 years in duration and is a research-intensive course. You will get to learn about world history at a deeper level unravelling the moral historical values, ethics, written records and event of humanity in past historical times. Further, you will also study the imperative aspects of culture, social norms, and religious, economical and political development from prehistoric times to the modern 21st century. The course structure mainly consists of researched-based assignments, a thesis, tour visits to historical places and a study of materialistic history. 

PhD in History

Why Study PhD in History?

Students inclined towards studying PhD in History can find the below reasons that prove to be advantageous in their favour:

  1. Professionals with a PhD in History are able to expand their career path and go on to become educators, historians, and archivists.
  2. Furthermore, employment options in the education sector, and museums, are also available for students with a PhD in History.
  3. Studying a PhD in History allows the student to research the historical understanding of the world, expanding their worldview that they can apply in academia.
  4. The salary structure of jobs that a PhD in History helps find the student is also decent and worthy.

PhD in History Eligibility Criteria

If you are planning to pursue a PhD in history then you should be aware of the eligibility criteria for this course. Though the actual course requirements might vary as per the program and university, here are the major eligibility requirements for PhD in History:

  • The candidate should have completed a master’s degree in History such as an MA in History or any of its varied specialisations with the minimum scores specified by their chosen university.
  • Many Indian universities have their PhD entrance exams like UGC NET, JMI Entrance Exam, etc. which you must qualify for applying to your chosen doctoral program in History.
  • If you planning to study abroad, then you will have to provide GRE scores along with language proficiency scores of IELTS/TOEFL, etc. Moreover, you will also have to submit an SOP, LORs and research proposal.

Top Universities for PhD in History Abroad

There are many top international universities offering doctorate degrees in history and its various specialisations. Below we have enlisted some of the popular universities and colleges offering this course:

Name of University QS World University Rankings 2023
Harvard University5
Lancaster University146
Queensland University222
University of Leeds86
Colorado State University408
The University of Auckland87
University of Alberta110
Monash University57
University of Bayreuth511-520

Top 10 Colleges for PhD in History in India

India is home to some of the finest colleges offering this course. Check out the list we have curated for you of colleges you can consider:

  1. Jamia Milia Islamia
  2. Lovely Professional University
  3. Jadavpur University
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru University
  5. University of Hyderabad
  6. Delhi University
  7. University of Madras
  8. IIT BHU
  9. Utkal University
  10. Banaras Hindu University
PhD in History

PhD in History Online

Online learning has changed the face of the education sector. Students are able to study from any corner of the world from the top faculties without relocating. One more added advantage is that online courses are much more affordable as compared to other courses:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Liberty University
  3. Iowa State University
  4. Indiana University
  5. University of Rochester

Subjects Covered in PhD in History

Most of the subjects in doctorate level in history are diverted towards the study of various branches of history like political science, social history and diplomatic history. Aside from these subjects, there are many interdisciplinary core subjects taught during this course. Tabulated below are the common subjects offered during the course:

  • Readings in trends in the historiography
  • Themes in early Indian history
  • Political History in Ancient India 
  • Research Methodology
  • Aspects of social-economic historical of medieval India
  • Debates in Modern Indian History
  • Modern language
  • Pre-ancient language

PhD in History Books

Some of the books that can assist you in your study are mentioned below.

  • Indian History by Krishna Reddy
  • India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
  • Medieval India by Satish Chandra
  • Modern India by Sumit Sarkar
  • The Wonder that was India by A.L. Basham

Jobs & Salary in India

Being a popular doctoral degree, you can explore an array of opportunities across several sectors. At a wider prospect, it focuses on the research and analyses the historical data ad structure. Tabulated below are the various sectors and job profiles you can consider after pursuing the degree.

Job ProfilesSalary in India in INR
History Professor400000
Ancient History Journalist550000
Record Manager450000
Civil Servant700000


Can I study PhD in History from IGNOU?

Yes, IGNOU offers PhD with a specialization in History.

Which IIT is best for PhD in History?

IIT Varanasi is one of the best for PhD in History.

What are the colleges other than PhD in History from DU in Delhi?

Jamia Milia Islamia, JNU are among the top-ranked colleges for PhD degrees.

Thus, we hope this blog helped you understand all the key details about PhD in History. If you are planning to pursue a PhD from abroad and are unsure about choosing the right university, our Leverage Edu experts are just a click away. Sign up for a free career counselling session with us and we will help you explore the best universities as per your preferences and interests! 

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