Finland Student Visa

Finland Student VISA

Amongst the happiest countries to study abroad, Finland has truly set a landmark for other countries by providing its citizens with higher incomes, a unique and internationally acclaimed education system as well as healthcare for all! It also attracts scores of international students every year from around the world for its meticulously designed courses, top universities, academic freedom as well as economical tuition costs! Want to study in Finland? Finland Student Visa is one of the essentials you need to apply for while gearing up to begin your higher education journey at the land of Santa Claus! Read this blog to know all about Finland Student Visa, including its requirements, application process, processing time, cost and fees.

Finland Visa for Indians

There are two types of student visas issued by Finland, i.e. Short-term Visa and Long-term Visa or Residence permits. These Finland Student visas vary as per the duration of your stay in the country. Only non-EU/EEA students are required to apply for a Finland student visa. Here is the duration specified for each student visa according to which you can select the right one for your chosen study program:

Finland Student Visa Duration
Short Term Visa 90 days or less
Residence Permit More than 90 days

If you aim to study a short-term course in Finland that can be completed within less than 3 months in duration, then you have to only apply for a Short-term Finland student visa. Likewise, if you’re planning to pursue a certificate diploma or any brief language course, apply only for the short-stay visa. 

But, if the duration of your course exceeds the time period of 90 days then it is essential for you to have applied for a Long-term Student Visa or Residence Permit before you start your educational journey in the country. Students who aim to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate courses in the country must have this type of visa to study in Finland.

Finland Study Visa Requirements

Whether you’re applying for a short term Finland Student Visa or Residence Permit have to meet these requirements.

  • A student essentially has to provide the officially approved letter of acceptance granted by any Finnish university or institution you have applied for.
  • You must possess a valid passport.
  • The total validity of the passport must surpass the time duration of visa or residence permit you have applied for at least by 90 days or 3 months.
  • Passport of the student should have been issued in the last 10 years.
  • You must present the approved copy of the completed application form.
  • Present a valid proof of your financial capacity determining you’re able to support yourself financially during your entire stay in Finland and also for the return to your own country at the end of the degree. You should have at least EUR 560 (INR 43,316.17) every month to make your stay possible in Finland. 
  • A student is also asked to furnish a recent financial statement issued by your bank showcasing that you currently have a minimum of EUR 6720 in your bank account. 
  • Furthermore, you must submit an authentic proof of health and medical insurance that comprehensively covers your entire stay period in Finland. 
  • You must prove you are in good physical as well as mental health and also you don’t have any kind of contagious diseases.
  • A student should have a clean criminal record.
  • Neither, you should have been refused entry into Finland any time.
  • Also, you fully show your intention to leave Finland as your legalized stay in the country ends.

Documents Checklist

After you meet all the eligibility requirements for obtaining a visa, here are the documents required to apply for Finland Student Visa:

  • A valid passport.
  • A colour passport photo.
  • Multiple colour copies of the personal data page of the passport and also any other passport page filled with notes.
  • Acceptance document or certificate issued by a Finnish institution.
  • All the details of your tuition fee or scholarships you have been granted.
  • Financial proof so as to support yourself.
  • Valid health insurance.
  • Previous academic qualifications ascertaining your eligibility.

Finland Student Visa Application Process

The application process for the Finland student visa can be carried out both offline and online. During the present pandemic situation, the visa application centres have been closed down in India and applicants can only carry out their application online. Here is the application procedure for Finland Student Visa:

  • Download the visa application form online and fill out all the details, attach the documents and sign the application.
  • You need to submit your filled application at the nearest application centre whenever it’s open. You can also ask for a courier delivery or post method to save an additional trip to the centre.
  • At the visa application centre, you will have to provide the visa application in Indian rupees. (check the next section for fees and costs)
  • The next step is biometrics data submission when you will have to provide your fingerprints as well as a digital photograph.
  • Then, your application will be processed and you will be notified about the availability of visa accordingly.

The Finland student visa processing time is 1 to 3 months as the processing of online application takes 2-3 months while paper application will take 1-3 months.

Note: Due to the present Covid-19 situation, Finland Immigration has completely suspended accepting visa applications at its visa application centres in India. Visit the official website of Finland Embassy in India to know more!

Fees & Costs

Here are the fees for Short-term and Long-term Finland Student Visa:

  • Short-term Student Visa: 300 EUR (23,205.09 INR)
  • Long-term Student Visa/Residence Permit: 330 EUR (25,525.60 INR)

Finland Work Visa for Indians

There are different types of Finland work Visas available for Indians. All citizens of countries outside the European Union (EU), Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein have to apply for the Finland work visa before working. Here are the three types of Finland work Visa for Indians:

  1. Business Visa
  2. Residence Permit for Self Employed
  3. Residence Permit for Employed Person

We hope that this blog has provided you with all the details regarding Finland Student Visa. Planning to study in Finland? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you find the right course and university as well as sort out the application process to ensure that you get successfully shortlisted! Sign up for a free session now!

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    1. Hi, Zannu!
      Hope you have gone through the article and the eligibility requirements mentioned in the blog.
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