CBSE Board Exam Schedule To Be Announced Soon

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CBSE Board Exam Schedule

On 20th November 2020, the secretary of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Anurag Tripathy assured that Class 10th and Class 12th board examinations 2021 will take place and the CBSE Board Exam schedule will soon be announced and declared. With the whole country having divided opinion over it, there are some against the system for conducting the CBSE Board Examinations 2021 during the pandemic due to COVID 19 while the other half supporting the motion of conducting the CBSE Board Examinations 2021. However, the CBSE secretary has said that the exams are expected to take place, and CBSE will soon reveal the CBSE Board Exam Schedule as well as the preparatory tips regarding how the test assessments will be done. 

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During the ‘New Education Policy (NEP) – Brighter Future of School Education’ webinar, organised by ASSOCHAM, CBSE Secretary Tripathi did not comment on whether the examinations will be conducted in the same format or whether they will take place as scheduled in February-March or whether the examinations shall be postponed. He further stated, “During March-April, we were flummoxed as to how to move forward, but our schools and teachers rose to the occasion and transformed, trained themselves in using new technology for teaching purposes and within a few months, conducting online classes using different apps became normal”.

We know that the world is shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to which schools and education institutions across India were closed to contain the spread of the novel coronaviruses in March. This drastically shifted education to remote techniques such as online learning, but some schools have partly reopened since October 15. Even now amid a revival of cases, several states have opted to keep educational institutions closed. Although the CBSE results were declared on 15th July 2020, due to the uncertainty in recent times, CBSE has not been able to disclose the CBSE Board Exam Schedule for the next year.  

Since the schools were closed continuously and teaching-learning activities were significantly affected, there have now been demands to postpone the board examinations to May instead of conducting them in the usual months of February and March. This is also one of the reasons why the CBSE Board Exam Schedule has not been disclosed. Tripathi, however, assured that a substantial shift to remote learning is the common goal of the New Educational Policy OF 2020 (NEP). He further added that there is a need to shift students to competency and skill-based learning, away from knowledge-based education. Also, there is a need to transform and adapt the entire pedagogy-based teaching-learning process, whether it be classroom teaching, face-to-face teaching or online teaching, to incorporate skill-based, competency-based education.

Hence, the pedagogy based teaching-learning process is solely based on I-3, i.e., it focuses on making students more interested, imaginative, inventive and providing them with experiential learning, and this can only be done when schools, teachers and principals change the pedagogy of teaching successfully. 

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