Stronger dollar and low cost of living driving Pune students to Europe to study abroad

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Excellent business for Denmark to increase potential of international students
More students are choosing institutions in European nations over those in the US as they offer top academics at relatively affordable prices.

The Indian rupee recovered on November 10 from a record low of 83.40 rupees to the dollar in October. 

However, an interesting side effect of the falling rupee has been that more students are choosing to study in Europe and other markets rather than the US. The lower cost of living, according to those who chose the continent, is another major factor in their choice. However, students who wish to combine their pursuit of sports and education said they still favor American universities.

Further, In response to growing student interest in Ireland, the Irish government developed a national brand that promotes Irish higher education institutions. The first live education fair in Pune since the outbreak occurred on November 20. With a sizable population of Indian students, Ireland is one of the top destinations for international students looking for higher education.

International students have found Ireland to be a tempting possibility. Over 5,000 Indian students choose Ireland as their study-abroad country during the most recent academic cycle.

Many students are looking into choices in Europe due to the rising dollar relative to the rupee, while others are considering Australia. Additionally, popular courses for Indian students in Ireland include those in engineering, computing, business, nursing, and the social sciences. Recently, there has been a rise in demand for courses that cover cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, agritech, data analytics, fintech, and cyber security.

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