France is popular choice for Kerala students wishing to study abroad

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international students bring in 5 billion euros to the French economy
According to a study by researchers from IIPS the students who want to study abroad from the Indian state Kerala are choosing France more than the english speaking countries.

Researchers Bhagat R.B. and Sulaiman K.M from the International Institute of Population Sciences revealed an intriguing discovery concerning Kerala youngsters in a recent study. According to the survey, which used 491 students as its sample, two out of every three young people in the southern state want to move overseas in search of employment and related activities. The report made another prediction: youth in Kerala will continue to consider migration as a viable option for pursuing their life goals during the next 10 to 20 years.

Source: Sustainable Development Goals and Migration

What is the finding?

The academicians’ findings and projections are supported by the rising number of migrant students from Kerala. Over 30,000 students have moved abroad for higher education in the past four to five years, nearly doubling the number. There are already education consultancies in Kerala that handle admissions and housing for students attending international universities, even in small towns. Some of them even help students find part-time jobs.

In the state, language schools teaching English and European languages are increasing. Many of these students, who are moving to the West, borrow money for their studies. For higher education, Indian students have historically favoured English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand

But now, nations like France, which offers 1,700 academic programmes in English and more than 3.6 lakh foreign students, are also eager to take on Keralan kids. The French foreign minister, Catherine Colonna, during her visit to India said that France aims to welcome 20,000 Indian students by 2025. There are three benefits of studying in France, according to the author. The first is France’s excellent higher education system. Two French institutions are in the top 50 and six are in the top 200 of the QS/Shanghai University Rankings.

India is the country that sends the most students overseas to study, followed by China. Five lakh students are reportedly studying overseas, and Kerala is a significant contributor to this group. Migration fever is in full swing, but experts in the field point out that most migrants rely on private consulting services because there is currently no suitable structure to support student mobility at the federal or state levels.

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