Australia is Becoming a Popular Destination for International Students

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Australia is becoming a popular destination for international students (1)
Many international students prefer to study and intend to live in Australia due to the better opportunities offered by the country.

According to a new global survey of 14,000 students, there has been a surge in the number of students intending to live in Australia. The major factor that has been the cause of this surge is the Albanese Government’s changed policies regarding immigration and offering work incentives like uncapping work hours and a two-year extension of post-study work rights.

Permanent and long term arrivals in Australia
Data Source: Australia Bureau of Statistics

Approximately 36% of students now prefer to live in Australia as it offers better job opportunities and 13% show their preference due to the betterment of the immigration policies of Australia.

Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and the Gold Coast are the popular cities preferred by the immigrants.

Two-year post-study work and visa enlistments for certain courses are the two major benefits for international students. Moreover, the Albanese Government is willing to provide flexible policy settings to encourage more international students to choose Australia to compare to their competitor countries.


Jason Clare, the Education Minister of Australia also showed his interest and support in inviting more international students to work and stay in Australia and possibly move forward in the migration pathway.

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