10 Greatest Inventions of the Master of Lightning: Nikola Tesla

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10 Greatest Inventions of Nikola Tesla

An institution himself, Nikola Tesla was a genius known for having more than 100 patents under his name. He was a maverick scientist and inventor whose inventions are still the talk of the towns. He was one of the world’s greatest scientists and inventors, who is best known as the father of robotics. He is the reason why today everyone in the world is well-versed with alternating current (AC), x-ray, induction motor, etc. In this blog, we will delve into 10 of the greatest inventions of Nikola Tesla that made him a pioneer in the field of science and technology.

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1. Alternating Current

Originally, Tesla did not invent alternating current. It was invented by Otto Blathy, a Hungarian electrical engineer, and William Stanley Jr, an American physicist. However, his contribution was indispensable in making its use easier. Tesla earlier used to work for Thomas Alva Edison and played a pivotal role in identifying drawbacks of Edison’s direct current electrical powerhouses. Nikola Tesla invented the polyphase alternating current system, which included generators, motors, and transformers, and he held 40 basic US Patents on the system. This was purchased by George Westinghouse, and it marked the commencement of nationwide and then later, global electricity usage.

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2. Tesla Coil

The Tesla Coil is one of the greatest inventions of Nikola Tesla. Tesla built a tower atop where he installed his infamous coils, which shot electric sparks through the air and circulated electricity around the coils via alternating current. Tesla Coils are known for their powerful electric fields.

3. Tesla Turbine

Nikola Tesla also created a piston engine that used combustion to rotate discs to power automobiles. Commonly used turbines at the time were inefficient and relied on blades. Tesla’s invention combined several discs to form a centrifugal pump. His turbine was more fuel-efficient because it moved fluid in the path of least resistance. Its operation was based on adhesion rather than friction, resulting in greater efficiency.

4. Neon Lamp

The Neon Lamp was another invention by the maverick inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s neon lamp was an up-gradation of existing neon light technology that facilitated the formation of words and designs. Today, neon lamps’ use can be seen in lighting up bars, casinos, hotels, and other roadside signs.

5. Shadowgraph

The Shadowgraph is another name for x-rays that was one of the most successful and greatest inventions by Nikole Tesla. Bypassing radioactive waves through the human body, an x-ray creates a silhouette of the area captured. Even though X-Ray was the original invention of Rontgen, Tesla with his invention of shadowgraph further improved the process as it made it clearer.

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6. Induction Motor

The induction motor was another remarkable invention by the genius Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s induction motor, which spins electromagnets, currently powers everyday household items such as vacuums, hairdryers, and power tools. Nikola Tesla invented the induction motor with a rotating magnetic field, which eased the unit drives for machines.

The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla's Tower
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7. Magnifying Transmitter

Vital use of the Earth circuit that Tesla mentioned included weather control. He hypothesized that a high potential antenna array with a very low frequency might attract and repel the ionosphere in an attempt to regulate the barometric pressure underneath it. The magnifying transmitter was Tesla’s largest and most powerful Coil. The magnifying transmitter was 52 feet in diameter and had three coils. It generated millions of volts of electricity and shot 130-foot-long lightning bolts – the largest man-made lightning at the time. This was Tesla’s most ambitious project to date.

Tesla transformer - patented by Nikola Tesla on September 22, 1896 as  "Apparatus for the production of electric currents of high frequency and  potential.": interestingasfuck
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8. Radio Controlled Boats

Tesla used radio transmission to power the first radio-controlled toy boat, which used a remote control to regulate its engine, lighting, and steering. This technology’s practical application is evident in today’s drones. Tesla saw it as the commencement of robotic technology, which would eventually handle the majority of man’s labor and was touted to bring a revolution ahead. Tesla even termed the boat “devil automata,” and he was well aware of the boat’s military potential in waging combat remotely.

9. Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power was another masterpiece invention by Nikola Tesla. Tesla was chosen by the Niagara Falls Commission to design the hydroelectric power generator at Niagara Falls using his alternating power technology. Tesla’s technology, regarded as the first power plant, was used to provide electricity to the masses worldwide. That speaks volumes louder about the boundless impact that the inventions of Nikola Tesla had on the people.

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10. Radio

In 1895, Tesla was preparing to transmit a radio signal over a distance of 50 miles when his laboratory burned down, delaying the test. Guglielmo Marconi’s invention was on similar lines as that of Nikola Tesla. Macaroni’s invention of the radio operated using two circuits whereas Tesla’s radio would use multiple circuits which would make its impact much stronger and better. Most people consider Guglielmo Marconi to be the father of radio, but Tesla is less known for his radio work. All of the earliest patents for the radio, which Tesla invented, were claimed by Marconi. Nikola Tesla attempted to show that he was the inventor of the radio, but it wasn’t until 1943 that Marconi’s patents were ruled invalid. Nonetheless, most of us are still unaware of the fact that it was Nikola Tesla who invented the radio.

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This was all about Nikola Tesla, the greatest and most inspiring inventors in the world. Apart from being a successful electrical and mechanical engineer, he was known for the futuristic vision that he had. Want to pursue engineering abroad? Book your free 30 minutes consultation with our experts and get a chance to shape your future with Leverage Edu.

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