Janhavi Panwar, the Wonder Girl of India

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Janhavi Panwar, the Wonder Girl of India

Endearingly referred to as the Wonder Girl of India, Janhavi Panwar stunned the world with her intelligence when she completed her senior secondary school at the mere age of 13 and went on to become a 16-year-old graduate as she completed her undergraduate studies from DU. Originally from Samalkha, Haryana, Panwar is fluent in 8 different English accents as well as 5 languages and now is on a mission to impart her knowledge and learning hacks to the world! Let’s learn more about Janhavi Panwar through this blog!

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About Janhavi Panwar

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Janwari Panwar was born in Samalkhar, Haryana and her father is a primary school teacher and her mother is a housewife. Even though her father is a teacher, he wasn’t fluent in English and the teacher at her primary and secondary school also faced the same problem. Seeing her passion to master English, her father was passionate to help her learn the language even though their resources were limited. Initially, he brought her BBC videos to practice her English with and this helped her learn the British accent and intonation. He also enrolled her in the different UK and US English speaking courses and also went to embassies to help her learn more about the language. Since the minimum age of admission was 16 years, the father-daughter duo found a linguist, Rekha Raj who helped her.

Her father revealed in an interview, even when she was a bit older than a year she mastered a vocabulary of approximately 550 words in English.

“As busy as most of us are, it is important to give our children the time they deserve. It doesn’t matter if they are academically bright or not, believe in them and support them in their dreams,” Janhavi’s father stated in an interview.

Wonder Girl Janhavi!

To help every kid who is passionate about learning English, Janhvi started her own YouTube channel ‘Wonder Girl Janhavi’ focusing on how one can master different accents in English and she also shares many inspiring stories, travel vlogs and motivational content on the channel. Having a whopping 484K subscribers in just 9 years, Janhavi mainly focuses on teaching accents and varied languages.

A Motivational Speaker

Janhavi Panwar capabilities aren’t just limited to linguistic skills but she is also motivational speaker. Panwar gave her first speech at Bombay Institute of Public Administration in presence of then Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar to 150 IAS officers. Janhvi Parwar has given speeches at 8 educational institutions across 8 states. 

Super 30

Super 30 is a program that was initiated by Anand Kumar that focuses on educating & preparing underprivileged children for the entrance exam of IIT-JEE. Every year 30 students are admitted under this program on the basis of the entrance exam that is conducted by them only. It is not easy to crack this exam and be part of Super 30. Janhavi Panwar reached new heights when she was selected by the founder himself without any exam. Anand Kumar, founder of Super 30, and Janhavi Parwar both were invited to an event where she appeared as a motivational speaker. Anand Kumar was so impressed by Janhavi’s accents & skills offered her to be a part of super 30. 

“Criticism will only help you, if you let it.”

When you are different from others you receive a lot of criticism, every talented individual and artist has to go through this phase so you can either let these negative comments pull you down or encourage you to do better. Janhavi Panwar has been criticized for her accent but she believes criticism helps her. In her video of TEDxBkbiet, she encouraged everyone to learn & grow from criticism. She also added that criticism or judgment doesn’t define you. Criticism is a way to find loopholes inside us & to seek new ideas and opportunities from those negative comments. Criticism is important to understand different viewpoints otherwise people will move in the same direction and not explore new ideas. 

Courtesy: TEDx Talks

Unsurpassable Talents

Janhavi Panwar is known for her outstanding talent of linguistic skills but it doesn’t end here. She is also a singer and has earlier auditioned at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and India’s Got Talent. She has recorded several song covers & also sang Love Yourself by Justin Bieber on Radio FM with Imran. 

Future Plans

A hardworking and ambitious dreamer, Janhavi has mastered many languages and accents, is a successful motivational speaker and has also anchored at BBC once. She is presently focused on cracking the IAS exam. One of the toughest exams in India, Janhavi wants to crack the IAS exam as it will be another amazing feather in her hat!

Can you guess the present age of Janhavi Panwar? She is just 17. A truly inspiring personality, she is one of the best youngest role models for Gen-Z! Janhavi’s success story is proof when fathers support their daughters even if they have limited resources, any girl can become a Wonder Girl! We hope you liked this blog on the Wonder Girl of India! For more such awesome content, stay tuned to Leverage Edu and follow us on TwitterFacebook, Instagram for more exciting content and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates!

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  1. An exemplary Wonder Girl. Youngsters should follow such role models and become one.
    Best Wishes and Blessings for her dream to come true.

  1. An exemplary Wonder Girl. Youngsters should follow such role models and become one.
    Best Wishes and Blessings for her dream to come true.