Ashok Ramachandran, CEO of Schindler India

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Ashok Ramachandran

Ashok Ramachandran, a man who exemplifies a highly passionate, inspired, and results-oriented top talent general management professional with diverse experience ranging from leading businesses in mature markets to fast-growing emerging markets. Developing and coaching talent, designing and guiding strategy, sales management, end-to-end active P&L management, and generating results in a variety of markets and environments are among his accomplishments. In this blog, we will unravel everything about Mr Ashok Ramachandran and his professional life and success. So if you are keen to know and get inspired by Ashok Ramachandran, then must read this blog till the very end. 

Ramachandran’s Early Education 

Ashok Ramachandran is an Australian citizen of Indian origin, who joined Schindler in 2006 and nearly has spent more than a decade now at the company in various roles/designation within the organisation which we will discuss in the latter part of the blog. He was born in the 1980s to a Tamil family in Thiruvanthapuram, decided to pursue engineering as a quintessential Tamil boy. Coming onto the education qualification of Ashok Ramachandran, he completed his schooling at Padma Sheshadri Bala Bhavan School, which is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and got passed out from there in 1998.

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For his undergraduate, he chose to go for Bachelors in Engineering degree (BE) specialised in Instrumentation and Control from SRM University, located in Chennai in Tamil Nadu and completed his studies and passed out from the University in 2002. After completing his undergraduate studies at SRM University, he decided to go for post graduation from one of the most renowned universities in the world, the Swinburne University of Technology, located in Melbourne, Australia. There he chose to study Masters in Engineering in Industrial Engineering and completed his studies in 2006. Having said that, Ashok Ramachandran is also fluent in 3 languages namely: English, Hindi and Tamil. 

Ashok Ramachandran and his Journey at Schindler Group

Since the time Ashok Ramachandran completed his post graduation studies in ME Industrial Engineering, he has been working in Schindler under various posts, roles and designation. He has given this organisation more than 10 years and has achieved great success and recognition in the eyes of society and young business/management aspirants, especially in India. He started his career at Schindler as a Quality Engineer in Australia. He remained the Quality Engineer at Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Limited for almost a year and later got a promotion and was given the post of Quality Manager.

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He remained the Quality Manager for almost 12 months and later he earned a promotion to Regional General Manager Queensland where he was assigned with the overall responsibility for Queensland Business. He remained at this post for almost 3 years and 6 months. In 2012, Ashok Ramachandran was appointed Managing Director of Schindler Vietnam as a result of all his dedication that he has shown towards the company and the organisation as a whole. In 2016, he was promoted to Managing Director of Schindler Malaysia after a successful stint there in which he successfully turned around the company in Vietnam. Later on, he was being appointed the CEO at Schindler India in 2018. On becoming the CEO of Schindler India and South Asia, he came onto the list of one of the youngest CEOs (at the age of 38) that Indian have. Having said that, his role or journey as a CEO started at the age of 31 only when he became the CEO of Schindler Vietnam. 

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According to the Chief Peoples Officer of Schindler India and South Asia, Ms Shubha Arora, Ashok Ramachandran is a staunch supporter of the Schindler community and possesses a remarkable capacity to motivate, encourage, and communicate with staff, clients, partners, and global leaders. After successfully completing 20 years in India, Ashok’s vision, plan, and execution track record are exactly what Schindler India requires as we reach our next chapter.

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It was the result of his dedication and consistent hard work that Schindler India, a leading global provider of escalators and elevators, decided to appoint Mr Ashok Ramachandran as President of Schindler India and South Asia, effective July 1, 2019. As President, Mr Ashok Ramachandran is now in charge of the company’s day-to-day activities, including distribution, marketing, and operations, as well as the plant, which is the first MNC factory in India to produce both elevators and escalators, as well as the R&D facility. Having said that, Mr Ashok Ramachandran has taken over this position and responsibility from Mr Uday Kulkarni, who retired from the business after more than 11 years of service.

Ashok Ramachandran’s Life Lessons on How to Turn Academic Failure To Obscene Success!

In the Economic Times 40 under Forty, Ashok Ramachandran, President of Schindler (India/South Asia), was named one of India’s brightest business leaders under the age of 40. Mr Ramachandran considers himself a fortunate father and a lucky husband and has shared some of his easy life tips and tricks that can be seen and felt relatable by masses of readers and would be useful for any and all students who consider themselves to be unworthy and a failure in general. His life lessons from which people of all age and gender can get inspired are listed down below: 

  • Live alone
  • Bring the “WoW” factor to stand out
  • Any experience is a good experience
  • Be your own marketing manager
  • Skills> Formal Education
Ashok Ramachandran

Ashok Ramachandran’s Perception On Failures

Let’s take a look at Ashok Ramachandran’s perspective on failure as a CEO of a large organisation like Schindler. He believes that understanding the difference between failure and leaving is the key to success. Failures have always been a huge part of his life, and they’ve taught him a lot more than achievements ever could. Ramachandran has always believed and acknowledged that we all struggle on a daily basis. It’s just that some people don’t think we should. The question is whether you should give up after failing or get back up and try again. A true leader is one who has the strength and potential to openly address mistakes with his or her team while being honest and humble at all times. This kind of failure, in his opinion, is a win.

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About Schindler Group (BONUS)

The Schindler Group, founded in Switzerland in 1874, is a leading global provider of elevators, escalators, and related services. The company’s cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable access and transit-management schemes contribute significantly to urban mobility. About 60,000 workers in over 100 countries contribute to the company’s growth. Schindler India is a wholly-owned Schindler Group subsidiary. The pillar of Schindler India’s growth strategy is “Leadership by Customer Service,” as evidenced by their service presence in 50 major cities, including 13 branch offices across the country, and our headquarters in Mumbai.

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Last but not least, here are some inspirational words from Ashok Ramachandran for today’s youth and young audience:

“Always strive to deliver that extra in everything you do. Almost to the extent of wanting to WOW the consumer of your work. These incremental efforts over a while compound and deliver ‘Obscene Success’. My self-coined word for crazy, maniacal success that makes you well-wishers awestruck and your competition envious.”

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So this was pretty much everything that was needed to get inspired and motivated by one of the youngest CEOs of India, Mr Ashok Ramachandran. Despite failing in his college while pursuing engineering, he has set a perfect benchmark and has proved that present failures can never define your future success and goals. For more such inspirational and amazing reads, stay tuned with Leverage Edu

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  1. Dear mr Ashok
    Very glad to know about your qualifications, experience, success and your views. Kind regards

  2. Proud to be known to you and your family as it was a pleasant devotional experience too, if I could put it that way, visiting your parental abode. Real humble people.

    Wow your Schindler Journey!!!

  1. Dear mr Ashok
    Very glad to know about your qualifications, experience, success and your views. Kind regards

  2. Proud to be known to you and your family as it was a pleasant devotional experience too, if I could put it that way, visiting your parental abode. Real humble people.

    Wow your Schindler Journey!!!