Psychology Courses Netherlands: Universities, Courses, Scope

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Psychology Courses in Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the unique destinations to study abroad known for its best living standards, and education system and is amongst the safest countries around the world. International students select this wonderful country because Dutch universities are among the top institutions in Europe and the world. Psychology is one of the most popular courses in the Netherlands, which reflects the large range of Arts degrees offered by institutions. In this blog, we will explore different psychology courses Netherlands has to offer.

Why Study Psychology in Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a liberal country that is famous among international students. High-quality living, a well-established education system, best in best-in-class faculties are some of the few reasons. Some of the other reasons why you should consider studying in the Netherlands are as follows:

  • There are no language obstacles. Over 90% of Dutch people are fluent in English. You won’t have any trouble visiting a well-known tourist spot on your own, asking for directions, or purchasing something from a store because of language issues.
  • After graduation, you’ll have more job options: Work flexibility means two things in this case: first, you can work in any profession after graduation and earn good money and benefits; and second, the Netherlands is one of the leading countries where a 4-day workweek is a frequent option in all industries.
  • The Netherlands is a safe and fun place to visit. The Netherlands is one of the world’s safest and happiest nations. When we consider the high standard of living, educated citizens, and society as a whole, this is not surprising.

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Top 10 Psychology Courses Netherlands Has To Offer

The majority of your degree will be taught through lectures and seminars. You may be able to engage in some hands-on activities, such as laboratory sessions. Students pursuing a degree in psychology will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and abilities in a variety of fields. Some of the popular courses you can study are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • BA in Psychology
  • International Bachelor in Psychology
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • Masters of Science in Psychology 
  • Masters in Forensic Psychology 
  • MSc Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies
  • Masters in Social and Health Psychology
  • Masters in Work, Organization and Personnel Psychology
  • Masters in Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences

Cost of Study

Students studying psychology in the Netherlands will continuously seek to comprehend all elements of human behavior. Because of its importance in human growth and society, psychology is particularly significant in medicine, health research, and behavioral studies. The cost of study of a psychology course in the Netherlands for undergraduate degrees ranges between INR 9 lakhs to 20 lakhs. For postgraduate psychology courses in the Netherlands range between INR 10 lakhs to 16 lakhs. 

Psychology Courses Netherlands: Top Universities

The list of universities offering psychology courses is long which makes it harder to select the best universities. Here is the list of top 10 Universities offering bachelor’s Psychology courses in the Netherlands:

  1. Maastricht University 
  2. Radboud University 
  3. Webster University
  4. Tilburg University 
  5. University of Groningen
  6. Leiden University
  7. Eindhoven, Netherlands
  8. Erasmus University Rotterdam
  9. The University of Amsterdam
  10. University Of Twente 

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Wondering what you can do after completing your undergraduate degree in psychology from the Netherlands? There are many masters level courses you can consider. Here is the list of Universities offering Masters Psychology courses in the Netherlands

  1. Utrecht University 
  2. University of Groningen
  3. Radboud University
  4. Leiden University 
  5. Maastricht University 

Career Opportunities 

Psychology is a multi-faceted field with a variety of sub-disciplines. As a result, psychologists can be classified as industrial psychologists, neuropsychologists, experimental psychologists, sports psychologists, social psychologists, developmental psychologists, or clinical psychologists. Their professional paths are much more varied. Many psychologists have advising roles or are involved in diagnosis and counseling in some way. Many of them operate in an interdisciplinary setting, collaborating with social scientists from other fields, for example, policy advisors.

Documents Required 

The list of documents you will need to apply for a Netherlands Study Visa is listed below. If you keep these documents on hand, the application procedure will be considerably easier:

  • Transcripts of grades
  • Information about your biometrics
  • Certificate of Birth
  • Completed visa application form
  • Financial proof during the duration of the program
  • Official correspondence from a Dutch academic institution
  • Insurance for travel and health
  • Test for tuberculosis (required for citizens from some countries)
  • Two passport-sized photo
  • The passport must be valid

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English Proficiency Test Requirements in Netherlands

Students planning to study abroad have to fulfill various eligibility criteria set by the university. One of the common eligibility to study abroad is proof of English proficiency. Depending on the language you intend to study, you will need to present the following language certificates:

  • Dutch TUL or NT2-II diploma is required
  • PTE Academic, TOEFL, IELTS, or C1 Advanced for English

Skillset for Psychology

To be successful in the discipline of psychology, one must possess the following qualities:

  • A sincere desire to assist others in overcoming their own mental/behavioral difficulties
  • Compassion and drive
  • A diagnostic mind
  • To effectively advise people suffering from mental/behavioural difficulties, you must have great communication skills.
  • A great deal of patience, which allows the psychologist to remain calm under pressure when dealing with a difficult situation or a difficult patient

International Student Life in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, students are encouraged to be physically active. Professors are friendly and avoid unnecessary formalities. In addition, the Netherlands boasts a large international student population that is particularly welcoming to newcomers. Dutch students are kind and make excellent party companions. Furthermore, you can always ride your bike to school because the distances are minimal and there is usually some cultural activity going on.

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What are the top universities for studying psychology in the Netherlands?

Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, and Radboud University Nijmegen are some of the top universities for studying Psychology in Netherlands.

What types of psychology courses can I take in the Netherlands?

Dutch universities offer the following psychology courses in Netherlands for students to pursue a career in:
1. Cognitive Psychology
2. Clinical Psychology
3. Social Psychology
4. Developmental Psychology
5. Organizational Psychology

What career scope does a psychology degree from the Netherlands offer?

A psychology degree from the Netherlands opens doors to diverse and rewarding careers. Here are some potential paths:
1. Clinical Psychologist
2. Educational psychologist
3. Organizational psychologist
4. Human resources professional
5. Research psychologist

So that was all there was about Psychology Courses in Netherlands. Planning to study in the Netherlands or any other country abroad? We realize that it can be a tiring and difficult process to search for the best-fit university and course that meets your expectations and criteria. Hence, AI Course Finder is here to help you out and make your process easy with a click of a button. Sign up for a free 30-minutes session with our Leverage Edu experts today!

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