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Finding an interesting research topic that aligns with your area of interest can be a really tiring process. If you are a candidate looking for an interesting Psychology research topic for your next paper, you have clicked the right link. Psychology as a branch of science has a wide variety of interrelated topics and you have the option to select any from its broad reach. Usually, for general psychology topics, you get the option to select any topic but in abnormal psychology research, you have to choose a few from a list of specific psychological disorders. In this blog, we have discussed a variety of psychology research and dissertation topics that might give you an idea for your next research project.

What is Psychology Research?

Understanding Research is essential to comprehending psychology, as it allows psychologists to assist individuals with problems or offers new phenomena to improve how we manage things like learning, parenting, or even establishing a new business. Researchers in psychology look into a wide range of issues, from newborn development to social group behaviour. The scientific method is used by psychologists to study topics in a methodical and empirical manner.

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What is a Psychology Dissertation? 

The psychology dissertation is the ultimate stage of doctoral education, and it is the result of years of research on a specific topic within the discipline. They are written in a formal academic manner, with the American Psychological Association style standard as a guide, and include a review of current academic literature as well as independent research. Although dissertations or theses are most commonly linked with doctorate programs, several universities also demand them for undergraduate and graduate degree fulfilment.

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Writing tips for Psychology Research Paper 

The field of psychology is a complex yet an interesting area of study. Any research topic in Psychology requires extensive literature research, hence it takes a lot of effort to present an effective research paper on psychology. The aim of a Psychology Research Paper is to demonstrate deep knowledge of Psychology in students and it aims to test researching and effective writing skills of students. Some writing tips for Psychology Research Paper are as mentioned:

  1. Choose an engaging and relevant topic
  2. Explore different topics and select a research question that defines your content precisely
  3. Use reliable sources for research, convey your argumentation clearly and avoid plagiarism
  4. The writing must be inspiring yet formal. Use correct language and professional psychological terms.
  5. Focus on the outline/structure of the research paper as well. Make sure that your introduction itself is capable of providing the core idea/objective of the research paper.
  6. Revise the research paper on a daily basis and make changes if needed. 

How to Choose Good Psychology Research Topics

To choose a good research topic is undoubtedly a difficult task but here we’ve mentioned some strategies to keep in mind while selecting a Psychology Research Topic is to Identify your genuine interest in the field of Psychology and try to look for content, you may find academic sources related to the same.Do not bound yourself to just a few ideas but allow yourself to explore more on different potential sources for Psychology Research Topic. Explore until you find the most relevant and interesting topic with more than enough primary and secondary sources.

Psychology Research & Psychology Dissertation Topics

We’ve put together a Customized List of Psychology Research & Psychology Dissertation in the tables below.

Research Topics

The following are the most recent and important Research topics for psychology.

Topic Aim
The effects of Coronavirus on the mental health of people of various agesThis study will investigate the effects of coronavirus on the mental health of people of various ages.
During COVID-19, mental health and psychological resilience were important.People have been alienated as a result of social distance, which has had an impact on their mental health. This study will highlight several strategies to alleviate stress and improve people’s mental health during a coronavirus outbreak.
Children’s and families’ mental health during COVID-19
This study will explore the difficult conditions that children and families endure during COVID-19 lockdown. It will also go through numerous methods for overcoming sickness apprehension and being optimistic.
Patients’ mental health during the Coronavirus pandemicThis research will concentrate on the steps taken by hospital administration, government, and families to safeguard the mental health of patients, particularly COVID-19 patients.
Examining the connection between episodic memory and emotional memoryThis study will look at the link between emotional memory and episodic memory, as well as the underlying factors.

Dissertation Topics

The following are the most recent and topmost topics for Psychology Dissertation

Topic Aim
Children and their cancer-affected families have psychological difficulties.Children are frequently unaware of what is happening during cancer diagnosis and treatment. Many people suffer from psychological problems such as rage, fear, depression, insomnia, intolerable guilt, and panic. As a result, this investigation detects and treats the psychological disorders of the kid and its family members.
A comparison of the psychological impact of cyberbullying and physical bullyingThe impact of cyberbullying and physical bullying on the victim’s mental health will be the subject of this study. The most important aspect is the impact on our society’s environment and human conduct, particularly among adolescents.
The significance of communication in a relationship
The purpose of this study is to investigate the significance of communication in relationships and the effects of communication gaps.
Virtual networks’ social and psychological consequencesThe purpose of this research is to investigate the social and psychological implications of virtual networks.
The role of the media in inciting hostilityThe purpose of this study is to investigate the function of the media in inciting aggressiveness among individuals.

Clinical Psychology Topics

The following are the most recent and topmost topics for Clinical Psychology Research

Topic Aim
Which clinical and demographic characteristics predict impaired insight in people with obsessions and compulsions?This Research will look at the clinical and demographic characteristics that predict impaired insight in those who have compulsions and obsessions.
An investigation of relationships with hypomania in a non-clinical sample of anger beliefs and behaviourThis Research will look at anger, behaviour, and perceptions about hypomania in a non-clinical group.
Interior design and industrial psychology – Investigating the influence of employee motivation and reward in shaping the appearance of a factory or office.
This research will investigate the impact of employee reward and motivation in designing workplaces, with a particular emphasis on how interior design may create a working environment for employees that increases their motivation levels.
Adjustment to renal insufficiency and subsequent dialysis on a psychosocial level
This study will look into the psychosocial adjustments that are necessary with renal failure. The research will also go through dialysis, which will be required if the kidneys fail.
Experiences with the psychosocial formulation in a biopsychosocial paradigm of psychosis careThis study will discuss psychosocial formulation experiences within a biopsychosocial paradigm of psychosis care.

Organizational Psychology Topics

The following are the most recent and topmost topics for Organisational Psychology Dissertation

Topic Aim
Adaptive computer testing in industrial and organizational psychology
This research will delve into computerized adaptive assessment, a cutting-edge method in organizational and industrial psychology.
Intelligent leadership and leadership abilities – Creating a leadership framework for smart businesses
By studying a leadership framework for intelligent businesses, this study will get a better understanding of leadership abilities and intelligent leadership.
Interior design and industrial psychology – Examining the influence of employee motivation and reward in designing the factory or office’s appearance.
This study will investigate the impact of employee reward and motivation in designing workplaces, with a particular emphasis on how interior design may create a working environment for employees that increases their motivation levels.
Investigating Influencing Factors in Organizational Effective Training Programs
This study will look at the many psychological elements that impact company-sponsored training programs.
To comprehend worldwide branding in light of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions idea
This study will seek to comprehend worldwide branding in light of Hofstede’s idea of cultural dimensions. The study will be descriptive and will rely on secondary data.

Social Psychology Research Topics

Social Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour in social and cultural environments. Social Psychology includes self concept, social cognition, attribution theory, social influence, group processes, prejudice and discrimination, interpersonal processes, aggression, attitudes and stereotypes, hence making it a diverse area of research. Listed below are some topics for Social Psychology Research:

  • How disabled women view their body image interactions with the opposite sex.
  • How does religion modify social responses between men and women- A qualitative research
  • Child bullies to Adult Bullies- Do things really change- An Analysis
  • Why is there a natural tendency in us to paste addicts as anti-social elements? – Write a dissertation on this time-ridden mindset and assess the truth behind it.
  • Why is it so hard for men to accept women bosses? – This would be enlightening on gender inequality and the changing of patterns.

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

Cognitive Psychology is the process of gaining knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. Some topics for Cognitive Psychology Research are:

  • How is color psychology effective in cognitive development studies?
  • What is the attention span, and how to measure it?
  • Memory loss and different ways to recover itHow do memories affect the behavior of individuals?
  • What causes bullying behavior among children?
  • Factors that can contribute to delay in the mental development of a child.
  • The effect of romantic movies on a child.

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

In the short term, Developmental Psychology focuses on an individual’s growth and change in behaviour over the course of their lifetime.

  • Bullying and its effect on mental development.
  • The role of media and cartoons in increasing violence.How violent video games and cartoons can make children violent?
  • Stereotypes and gender roles in our society
  • Abusive Relationships with partners
  • Long term effects of Drugs on mental health.

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

Abnormal Psychology is concerned with mental and emotional disorders in human beings such as anxiety disorders, phobias, depression, developmental disorders and incompletely understood normal phenomena such as dreams and hypnosis. Listed below are some research topics for Abnormal Psychology Research Paper:

  • What are the causes of the increasing anorexia rate in children?
  • Causes of anorexia in adults- Causes of anxiety disorder and how to overcome it
  • Why is there an increase in eating disorders among the youth?
  • What are the factors that contribute to an eating disorder?
  • Is lying related to the psychology of a person?
  • Causes of the rise in teenage suicides
  • Is asexuality related to the psychology of a person?

Child Psychology Research Topics

Child Psychology is the field of Psychology where you study the mind and behavior of children from development through adolescence where they undergo various changes in terms of physical, speech, intellectual and cognitive development. 

Listed below are some topics to use as a base for Child Psychology Research Paper:

  • How often should a mother be close to their children in their early years?
  • Factors that facilitate mental development for children
  • How noise-induced hearing loss affects children
  • Essential nutrients for premature children
  • The role of early childhood life in shaping their adult life
  • Why play is essential during the early stages of child development
  • The implication of the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine on child psychology
  • Toxic events that may impact a child’s development
  • Implications of divorce on children
  • How low income affects children development
  • Effects of graphic violence through animations on child development

Sports Psychology Research Topics

 Sports Psychology is where you use your psychological knowledge on exquisite performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues associated within the sports environment.

Some topics for a Sports Psychology Research Paper are:

  • How does physical activity impact treatment of depression- A literature based analysis
  • Importance of keeping normal hormone level for physical athlete- Psychologically and Physiologically
  • Understanding Parents’ Role on Adolescents’ Involvement in Organized Sports Activities
  • Overtraining, staleness, and burnout in sports
  • How does a good score change the mindset and confidence of a sportsman?

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Experimental Psychology refers to a scientifically tested hypothesis to collect data to perform research and experiments to understand if there is a cause-and-effect relationship between different variables. 

Listed below are some topics for Experimental Psychology Research Paper:

  • Can colors play a role in enhancing a person’s mood? Explain how the color blue can make a person feel relaxed and calm.
  • Explain the notorious human experiments in history. What are their ethical shortcomings?
  • What is the relationship between the use of social media and the rising cases of violence in adolescents?
  • It is said that geniuses are made, not born. How true is this statement?
  • Are people really able to “feel like someone is watching” them?
  • Do people rate individuals with perfectly symmetrical faces as more beautiful than those with asymmetrical faces?
  • Can you really manipulate someone?

Forensic Psychology Research Topics

Forensic Psychology is a psychological research based on the psychological aspects of legal area. In simple terms, combining Psychology and Law together. Some topics for a Forensic Psychology Research Paper are as mentioned below:

  • Is society neglecting domestic violence that is aimed towards men?
  • The role of the internet, movies, and video games in augmenting copycat crimes.
  • Narcissm and Inter-Partner Violence- From a Forensic Psychological Perspective
  • Schizophrenia and Crime Challenges posed for Forensic Psychologist
  • The credibility of statements reporter by a Mentally Challenged Eye witness

Controversial Topics in Psychology

The fact that Psychology is a complex field of study it is well known that Psychologists have done several psychological experiments that may seem inhumane, unethical, and controversial in nature. It is undoubtedly a daunting task to choose a controversial topic for Psychology Research but here we’ve made it easier for you to begin with your psychology research paper. Listed below are some controversial topics in Psychology:

  • Psychological characteristics of a typical perpetrator of child abuse
  • Child sexual abuse by the parent
  • Sexually and charms deviant behavior
  • Psychological impact on negative attitudes on LGBT in society
  • Psychological effects of social media on teenagers
  • How explicit social media content affect teenagers sexual orientation
  • Are some men victims, or are they perpetrators of domestic violence?
  • Is it true the longer one holds to a negative thought the less likely they will be happy?
  • Is sleep therapy important in healing traumatic brain injury?
  • Is psychological research important in helping humans prepare for the next pandemic?
  • Does lack of trust cause jealousy in relationships?
  • Can a complicated destiny justify bad character?
  • A person is created by nature, but society is responsible for their development

Other trending topics you might want to think about or look into are listed below:

Criminal Psychology Topics

  • What are the causes of the rise in psychotic behavior among children and teenagers?
  • Abusive parents’ effects on their children’s development
  • Drug misuse among teenagers and its effects on their mental health
  • The effects of media violence on children’s psyches
  • Bullying’s negative consequences on the well-being of primary pupils

Cognitive Psychology Topics

  • Attention, expectations, and emotional stress all play a role in how we perceive pain.
  • The extent to which objective measuring methods can be used to support theoretical approaches to consciousness
  • The link between poor emotion regulation, social cognition, and anxiety disorders
  • Is it true that direct and indirect models of perception are irreconcilable, or may recent inactive accounts lead to a compromise?
  • How can the degree of interaction between the representational systems for encoding a range of languages in the brain be determined by investigations of trilingualism and bilingualism in infants?

Developmental Psychology Topics

  • The function of plasticity in determining visual cognitive development and its extent
  • Understanding the changes in cognitive development: A single learning process or a variety of learning paradigms for different challenges
  • Determining if inherent factors or interaction norms between children and their human carers lead to effective learning outcomes
  • In circumstances when infants never converse with adults in a normal fashion, the influence of culture on conversational comprehension
  • Children’s action planning and scale errors: Considering the significance of DeLoache’s findings for understanding the “what/where” circuits in the human brain.

Psychology of Personality Topics

  • What is your opinion on the usefulness of personality tests? Are they still relevant in today’s environment?
  • Is there a link between asexuality and a person’s psychology?
  • What variables may contribute to the development of multiple personality disorder?
  • Is lying a habit that has something to do with a person’s psychology?
  • What effect does a person’s narcissistic persona have on the mental health of others?

Miscellaneous Psychology Topics

  • To what degree may color have an impact on athletic performance?
  • What effect does color have on a person’s psychology?
  • Is it possible for a language to alter a person’s psychological perception? Elaborate
  • Is it true that language has an impact on the way we think? A dispute about linguistic relativity
  • Number processing differences between cultures

So this was all about psychology research and dissertation Topics. If you want to pursue your Psychology degree overseas, which will undoubtedly advance your career but need assistance with the application procedure, contact Leverage Edu, we will help you gain admission to this prominent university.

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