People's Friendship University of Russia

Public University

Moscow, Russia

The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, also known as Rossiysky universitet druzhby narodov in Russian and RUDN University in English was established in 1960 in Moscow, Russia. Founded by the Soviet government along with the All-Union Central Soviet of Trade Unions, the Soviet Afro-Asian Solid Read more



Highlights of People's Friendship University of Russia

  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is one of the few universities in Russia which is recognized by MCI, WHO, UK, USA and other major countries for its medical and health sciences programs and research.
  • Since its establishment, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia have become an integral part of the Soviet cultural offensive in nonaligned countries 
  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is also well regarded for the Agrarian Faculty in which Students get an opportunity to combine basic natural-science education at the undergraduate level with deeper specialization at the postgraduate level, including programs on economics and management.
  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia received the "Best campus' Moscow Mayor's Prize for its main campus in2016
  • The university has also achieved the title of "Best student hostel" at the all-Russia contest.
  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia also offers 102 dual degree programs, in which 56 programs are offered within the CIS Network University and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University and 46 bilateral cooperation programs with partner universities from the UK, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China and France.
  • Some of the major academic partners of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia are Free University of Brussels (Belgium), Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), the University of Cadiz (Spain), the University of Palermo (Italy), the University of Siena (Italy), the University of Xi'an (China), the Catholic University of Lille ( France) and Hankuk University of Foreign Languages ??(South Korea). 
  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is known as one of factory of world leaders as some of the major world leaders are associated with the university including the Presidents of Namibia, Angola, Sri Lanka, the South African Republic, Gabon, Guyana and Nigeria; the Prime Ministers of Bangladesh and Kazakhstan; a UN Chief Executive Officer on Education, Culture and Science; and a Director of CEPES.

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