Public Universities in France

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Public Universities in France

With international admissions creeping closer, this is the best time to start looking for exciting and affordable universities across the world. France is one of the sought-after study destinations for students planning to study technical specialisations or Fine Arts abroad. With over 3500 academic institutions, France has some of the best public universities that offer high-quality education at affordable tuition cost along with vibrant student life. Read this blog to know about the best and cheapest public universities in France.

Top Public Universities in France

Public Universities are an excellent source of higher education because of their affordable fee structures, high-quality academic standards and research acumen. Here is a list of public universities in France and their rankings by QS and Times Higher Education in 2021:

Universities QS Rankings 2021 The World University Rankings 2021
Ecole Polytechnique 61 =87
Sorbonne University 83 =87
Sciences Po 242 501-600
Université de Paris 275 =135
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne 287 601-800
Université Paris-Sarclay 305 =178
Université Grenoble Alpes 342 351-400
Université de Starsbourg 398 501-600
Université de Bordeaux 425 401- 500
Aix-Marseille Université 511-520 301-350

Let’s elaborate more about these public universities in France:

Université de Paris

Founded in 2019 after merging top-notch universities like Paris Diderot, Paris Descartes and Institut de physique du globe de Paris has emerged as an excellent choice for national and international students. The university hosts over 60,000 students annually and offers an exciting and advanced curriculum for all its courses. The university has two types of international programmes: Joint Programme at undergraduate and graduate level and Programmes in English or a mix of English and French language. The university covers a host of disciples such as humanities, languages, human, economic and social sciences, science and technology, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing.

Ecole Polytechnique 

Ecole Polytechnique is a highly coveted public institution for higher studies and research. It was established back in 1794 during the French Revolution and is located in Palaiseau, Paris. The institute is consistently ranked amongst the top world universities by QS for its advanced innovation and research excellence in the field of science and engineering. The institute only enrols 400 applicants which makes it one of the toughest universities to get into. The admissions requirements to their bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes vary based on the course. Here are some of their most popular courses are Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in various specialisations.

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Sorbonne University

One of the most prestigious universities in Europe and Paris; Sorbonne University is a public research institute which a number of programmes in a diverse number of subject areas to students across the world. The university has three main faculties: Science, Humanities and Medicine. Students are required to shapen their French language skills as most of their courses are taught in the native mother language. The university offers bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes in different disciples such as art, languages, humanities, medicine, science and engineering.

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Sciences Po

Another excellent public educational institute is Sciences Po. The university was founded back in 1872 with an aim to transform the political landscape of France and educating a new league of politicians. The university has an impressive alumni network with political figures like Emmanual Macron and Francois Hollande. The university has 7 campuses spread across France with its main campus situated in Paris. It is a multidisciplinary research institute offering graduate and undergraduate courses in several disciplines such as law, economics, political science, history and sociology.

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Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Université Paris-Sarclay

Centrally located with robust student life; Paris Sarclay University was ranked 305 by QS World Rankings for 2021. Research and the innovation-driven university has five major departments like Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law-Economics-Management and Sports Sciences offering bachelors, masters and doctoral studies to international candidates. Most of the courses offered by Université Paris-Sarclay require a high-level of proficiency in the French language yet there are some courses at the masters level that are taught in English.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admissions to different universities may vary depending upon your degree and course yet there are certain general requirements that all international students must fulfil in order to seek admissions in France. Let us look at some of those requirements to apply to both private and public universities in France:

  • A valid passport
  • A valid Student Visa
  • Copies of past academic transcripts and other documents like LORs and SOP
  • Proof of funds to support your stay
  • Proof of language proficiency in French or English (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Scores of standardised tests like GRE or GMAT

Benefits of Studying in Public Universities in France

From affordable education to varied courses on offer, here are the benefits of studying at public universities in France.

  • Public universities in France are internationally renowned and well-equipped in terms of infrastructure, high – education and post-study opportunities.
  • Public universities generally have subsidised educational programmes which means that students can get reasonable and affordable tuition rates across various subjects. 
  • Scholarship opportunities in France are tremendous and widespread for international students.
  • Public universities offer native language courses for students which means you can gain higher proficiency in the french language while completing your degree.
  • The country allows students to work part-time while studying and also offer a post-study work permit to students who wish to enter the French economic sphere.
  • Easy visa application process and opportunities to explore 26 countries under the Schengen area!

This was all about the public universities in France! France is an exciting and mesmerising location for pursuing higher studies but its application process and tons of admissions requirements can get be stressful for a first-timer. If you need some professional help in your application process then contact Leverage Edu! Book a session today!

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