Red Deer College

Public University

Red Deer, Canada

Situated in the city of Red Deer,Alberta,Canada,Red Deer College is a public comprehensive community college which was founded in 1964 as an educational institute for a small semi rural community but, in the four and a half decades since its founding,the city has substantially grown. Red Deer Coll Read more

Highlights of Red Deer College

  • Red Deer College comprises of over 8000 students from a variety of backgrounds
  • It offers student-staff partnerships which includes academic partnerships that broadens students’ learning experience, research partnerships integrates students as researchers in their subject discipline, and the community partnerships which allows them to engage in the community.
  • It provides a team of dedicated faculty and staff, ensuring an idyllic student experience
  • Red Deer College overtures funding opportunities in the form of scholarships and bursaries

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