GRE Results and Scores

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GRE Results and Score

One needs to understand the GRE results and scores in order to validate their performance. The scores will not only help you determine whether you need to retake the exam or not but will also give a clear idea of the range of colleges you can apply to and whether you are eligible for GRE scholarships or not. However, this can be a little tricky since the scores are not directly equivalent to the number of correct answers. Since these scores form an essential part of your college application, understanding conversions and the process of sending your results is important. So, in this blog, we will highlight all the details pertaining to GRE results and scores!

How are the Scores of Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Sections Calculated?

When it comes to the GRE results and score of Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning, be it computer-delivered or paper-based tests, the raw scores, which are equivalent to the number of questions answered correctly, are calculated first. These scores are then processed as per a scale which minimizes all the variations across the different sets. The difference in the difficulty level of different sets and the performance variation individually is taken under consideration while calculating the factors for the scaling.

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Calculating Analytical Writing Scores

The essays are evaluated based on critical thinking and analytical writing instead of grammar and are calculated by a two-prong method. Here is how the GRE results and scores of the Analytical Writing section is calculated.

  • It is evaluated by a trained human rater and e-rater, which is a program developed by ETS to score essays.
  • If the scores provided after the two evaluations don’t vary much then their average is taken under consideration.
  • If the scores vary then another human rater is introduced into the matter to resolve the conflict.
  • Under such circumstances, the average provided by the two human raters is taken under consideration.
  • The scores are then rounded to the nearest half-point on a scale from zero to 6.
  • The individual score of the verbal section, quantitative section and the essay put together is the final score.

How are GRE Results and Scores Reported?

After the completion of the computer-delivered test, you can either report the scores or decline it. If you choose to report the scores then you will be able to view your Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning test scores immediately. The Analytical Writing scores will take time to process. If you choose to cancel your scores, then neither you nor any school will be able to view your scores and there will be no history of you attempting that exam at all. The final score report is provided as mentioned below:

SectionsGRE Score RangeIncrements
Quantitative Reasoning130-1701-Point
Verbal Reasoning130-1701-Point
Analytical Writing0-6Half Point

The final test scores will be available after 10 to 15 days of the computer-delivered test. However, it takes about 5 weeks for the paper-delivered test scores to be published.

GRE Results and Scores: FAQs

What is the validity of GRE scores?

Your GRE results and scores are valid for 5 years from the day you took the exam. (GRE scores for tests taken prior to July 2014 cannot be reported anymore.) It takes about 5 business days to process the scores therefore if you plan to send it to an institution, then it is important to keep this in mind. 

How many institutions can you send the GRE scores at a time?

The GRE test fee includes sending reports to up to 4 institutions for admission or scholarship purpose. In case you choose to report the scores then you would have to mention the institutions at the test center after the computer-delivered exam. For a paper-delivered test, you would have to mention the institutions at the time of registration.

What are Additional Test Score Reports?

You can also request for additional test score reports in case you want to send your GRE scores and results to more than 4 institutions. The cost for every ASR, per score recipient, is US $27 [Rs 2,000]

How to Prepare for GRE Efficiently?

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