How to Write an Essay on Disaster Management?

essay on disaster management

Disaster Management has been essentially included in the study curriculums of secondary education. Whether it is natural or man-made, disasters can wreak havoc on our surroundings and cost human lives as well. To familiarise students with efficiently preventing and ensuring the safety of living beings and our environment from unprecedented events, the study of Disaster Management has been included as an important part of Geography class 10 syllabus. Further, in order to test your knowledge about this concept, a question related to essay or article writing is mainly included in the exam. This blog aims to focus on imparting you with helpful tips and tricks on drafting a well-written essay on Disaster Management.

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Understanding Disaster Management

To begin with your essay on Disaster Management, the most important thing is to comprehend this concept as well as what it aims to facilitate. In simple terms, Disaster Management is termed as the management and utilisation of resources as well as responsibilities in order to tackle different emergency situations, be it man-made disasters or natural ones. It concentrates on preparing human beings for a varied range of calamities and helping them respond in a better way as well as ensure recovery thus lessening their overall impact. 

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The Key to a High-Scoring Essay

Before drafting your essay on Disaster Management, another thing you need to ensure is familiarising yourself with the structure of essay writing. To help you understand the do’s and don’ts, we have listed down some of the major things you need to keep in mind.

  • Research thoroughly about your topic. For example, while writing an essay on Disaster Management, explore the recent happenings and mentioning them provide the reader with a view into your understanding of this concept.
  • Create important pointers while researching that you can further incorporate in your essay.
  • Don’t mug up the definitions but comprehend them through examples.
  • Use transitions between paragraphs in order to keep a coherent flow for the reader as a long paragraph might seem too lengthy and segregating your introduction and conclusion can provide a better structure.
  • Quote important examples not only in your introduction but also in the following paragraphs where you detailing the given topic.
  • Revise and add finishing touches once you have completed the essay to locate any grammatical errors as well as other mistakes.

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Essay on Disaster Management: Format & Samples

Now that you are aware of the key elements of writing an essay on Disaster Management, take a look at the format of essay writing first:

Format for Essay on Disaster Management (150 words)

Introduction (30-40 words)

Begin with defining your topic explained in simple terms. For Disaster Management, You can make it more interesting by adding a question or a recent instance. The introduction should be understandable aiming to become more specific into the subsequent paragraphs.

Body of Content (80 words)

Also termed as the thesis statement, the content after introduction should explain your given topic in detail. It should contain the maximum content out of the whole format because it needs to be detailed. For Disaster Management, you can delve deeper into its process, how it is carried out for different situations as well as prevention and protection.

Conclusion (30-40 words)

This section should mainly wrap up what you have described in the above paragraphs. For an essay on Disaster Management, you can focus on summing it up by writing its aim, types and purposes in a brief manner.

Essay on Disaster Management

Below we have curated a sample on an essay on Disaster Management to further assist you in learning the tone, style and format of the same:

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Essay on Disaster Management (150-200 Words)

Disaster can be simply termed as a sudden incident or happening which can be either natural or man-made and can potentially cause damage to the surroundings or loss of human life. To facilitate preparedness and better responsiveness to unforeseen events which can harm human beings and the environment, Disaster Management came into picture.

Disaster Management aims to lessen the impact of natural and man-made calamities by designing and planning efficient ways to tackle them. It centrally comprises ensuring better control of the situation, its immediate evaluation, calling up required medical aids and transports, supplying drinking and food sources, among others and during this whole process, protecting the surroundings from more harm and keeping the lawfulness. Importance of Disaster Management has further increased in the contemporary scenario with the prevalent climate change and some of its latest examples include the unprecedented Australian wildfires.

Thus, the planet is getting bogged down by infinite technological devices, their possible effects on the climate and the environment are inescapable. This has led to Disaster Management becoming the need of the hour as every country is aiming to become efficient and prepared to face both natural and man-made calamities.

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Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you understand the key steps to writing a scoring essay on Disaster Management. If you are at the conclusion of the 10th grade and confused about which stream to take in the next standard, reach out to our Leverage Edu expert and we’ll guide in choosing the right stream of study as well as gain clarity about your interests and aspirations so that you take an informed step towards a rewarding career.

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