CBSE Grading System

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CBSE Grading System

Out of all the recognized boards of examination, ISCE and CBSE remain to be the choicest ones in the country. With the constant changes made in the curriculum by CBSE, the number of students enrolled under their academic supervision is much more than others. These changes may range from addition or subtraction of chapters in the syllabus, variation in marking scheme or imparting new techniques for grading students. In the last two years, CBSE has changed its grading system twice, making it more advanced. It comprises of Absolute & Percentile Marks awarded by teachers based on the performance of candidates. This blog aims to make the CBSE grading system easier to comprehend!

CBSE Grading System

For students of class 10 and class 12, it is important to know the CBSE grading system. The number of students enrolled under CBSE for a particular academic session plays a vital role in deciding the grade a candidate will be awarded. Given below is the table that will be explaining more about the same: 

CBSE Grading System
CBSE Grading System

Important Points:
1. The percentage of the students can be adjusted in tie situations through minor variations.
2. All the students getting the same score will get the same grade in the case of a tie.
3. If there is a need to split the number of pupils into two sections at a score point, the smaller segment will go with the larger segment.

Pros & Cons of CBSE Grading System

There are some Advantages and Disadvantages of every process or system. Many parents and studnets consider CBSE to be an excellent platform to learn and gain academic knowledge. Whereas, some do not believe the same about the grading system offered by CBSE. Given below is a list of merits or demerits of CBSE Grading system for class 10th and 12th:


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Avoiding Low Score Pressure: One of the merits of CBSE Grading system is it lowers the pressure of students to score high marks because, in the grading system, the real marks acquired by the student are not written on the report cards. The reason behind this is that students must not target scoring excellent marks but to accomplish excellent grades.

Grading Pattern: CBSE grading system lays a sophisticated pattern, as the grades are awarded to the students not only on the basis of academic performance but also other things such as attendance, accomplishments, assignments, etc. are also considered while making a decision.

Easy Classification: With the introduction of a new CBSE grading system, the educators can classify the students into distinct groups such as bright, average and under-average students. As a result, educators will have a clearer idea of providing mentorship to average and under-average students. 


Diminishing Students Performance: The decrease in students’ performance is one of the demerits of the new grading system in CBSE. Students know that without putting their own effort, they can achieve the targeted grade point. So, if a student’s target is A grade, they know that if they get 90 marks, they are going to be placed under A grade so they don’t target 100 marks.

Students Lose Competitive Spirit: Students are becoming lazy and dropping their academic level because they concentrate on achieving the passing marks instead of focusing on getting the greatest marks, thus resulting in lower competitive spirit among students.

Misses out Details: While CBSE grading system helps studnets belonging to below average and average bracket, it also ignores or fails to recognize the details of the bright minds. Learners belonging to 90-100 bracket are considered to of the same aptitude whereas, this could not hold true for all the cases.

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