IELTS Study Material

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IELTS Study Material

Good quality of study material is one of the major requirements for clearing the IELTS exam. Students must ensure that the study material they are using for their IELTS preparation is comprehensive and accurate. While selecting, books or online study material for IELTS, check if they cover the IELTS Syllabus completely or not. Follow the right IELTS Preparation tips and you are good to go. Along with that, taking the IELTS Sample Test regularly is also considered a major factor in improving the IELTS score. This blog aims to explore some of the best IETLS study material of all time!

IELTS Exam 2022-23

Here is a consolidated list of IELTS examination details, you need to take into account before appearing for the prolific test:

IELTS ExamFormat 
Total Number of Questions Two questions in Academic and General training writing.
Three questions to be asked in the Speaking section,
40 in the listening part and 40 questions in the Academic
and General training reading. 
Duration 2 hrs 45 minutes 
Total number of sections4
Marks per question1 mark for every question. It is applicable in the Listening and reading section as well.

List of IELTS Study Material

Students are now moving from traditional modes of learning to online platforms for test preparations. Here are some of the topmost online service providers for IELTS preparation that also provide comprehensive study material:

Leverage Live

Leverage Live is one of the best online learning platforms available out there for IELTS preparation. With well-versed faculty, well-structured study material, high-quality video content, doubt clarification sessions, personalized study plans, and motivating teachers, you will surely get a high score in each section. 

Cambridge 1- 12

If you want to strengthen your IELTS knowledge bank, Cambridge 1-12 should be taken into account. Each year, Cambridge University published an IELTS preparation book. This is an online learning application that comprises IELTS books with a pdf version and audio CD 1-14. 

Free IELTS Practice Tests  

It is another online learning resource solely managed by the British Council.  With this online learning, you will be able to comprehend the test format and witness various types of tasks for preparation. You will be able to test yourself in the scheduled situation. This resource platform by the British council will help you review your answers apart from comparing them with model answers.

IELTS Word Power

The British Council’s IELTS word power is the best source of enhancing vocabulary. It will keep you abreast of vocabulary preparation for the IELTS test. Aspirants can download this free informative source from the Google play store. 

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IELTS Study Material: Best Preparation Books

Here are some important books that are considered the best IELTS study material by many students:

Name of the Book Authored ByBuy Here
Official Cambridge Guide to IELTSPauline CullenBuy here
Barron’s IELTSLin Lougheed Buy here 
English for ExamsEls van GeyteBuy here
IELTS on trackStephen Slater Buy here
English Vocabulary for IELTSRawdon Wyatt Buy here
Cambridge English IELTSUclesBuy here
Ideas for IELTS essay topicsBen WorthingtonBuy here
IELTS Trainer Louise HashemiBuy here
Target Band 7: IELTS AcademicSimone Braverman Buy here
IELTS Success Formula Academic with CDSimone BravermanBuy here
Ace the IELTS: IELTS General- How to Maximize Your ScoreSimone BravermanBuy here
Official IELTS Practice MaterialsCambridge ESOLBuy here
Essential Words for the IELTSLin LougheedBuy here

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IELTS Preparation Strategies

Having a successful IELTS preparation plan can put you ahead of the competition. Recognize the IELTS test format and adjust your daily schedule accordingly. Learn each section’s questions and assignments by heart. Read through the IELTS guidelines as well. Then begin working through IELTS sample questions to get a feel for what to expect on test day. After some time, figure out where you stand and assess your development. Take practise IELTS tests both with and without time constraints to identify your strengths and shortcomings. You can obtain official IELTS preparation materials to help you experience taking the test with actual IELTS questions.

The top five preparation suggestions for the IELTS exam:
You can raise your IELTS test score on the IELTS Academic test by using these suggestions. Additionally, planning may be enjoyable. You can include things like having conversations with friends and watching television on your preparation list.

  1. Enhance Your Reading Ability: Make it a habit to read, pick up new words, and then strive to employ them in the right sentences. Daily English news listening and newspaper reading are recommended. Develop your ability to find information when reading, look for specifics, and take notes. As you must respond to a set amount of time, you must handle the time constraint.
  2. Improve your writing skills: Improve your writing speed and punctuality by practising it. You will learn to manage task 2 because it is longer and requires more time if you practice writing. Make a note of the new words and build sentences with them. Make sure all of the task 2 question’s components have been handled by thoroughly analysing it. Improve your speed so you have time to read over your writing.
  3. Improve listening skills: You can watch the English news every day and then write on it. Remember that you only get one chance to hear the tape, so pay attention and improve your listening skills to avoid pausing it. However, if you wish to listen to the tape again, read the script again and take note of any helpful phrasing. You should be aware of the precise request and look over the directions.
  4. Strengthen vocabulary: If you want to improve your reading abilities, be careful to learn new words and utilise them appropriately. You must read a great deal about this. Make a note of the new terms and learn how to properly utilise them in sentences. Read editorials and various magazines to become familiar with new words. To integrate new words into your everyday speech, you must use them frequently.
  5. Improve your fluency and pronunciation: The brief chat, the structured interview, and the free interview make up the three sections of the listening section. For four to five minutes, candidates will be questioned about a couple of short issues on common subjects. For this drill, speak for a considerable amount of time in English while concentrating on your pronunciation. You can learn about them and speak on numerous issues by reading and listening to various topics. Learn your speaking weaknesses and talents by recording yourself.

How to Prepare for the IELTS Exam at Home?

Many students are taking the IELTS test at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic and are interested in learning how to study at home. For individuals who wish to study for the IELTS test at home, we have included a few IELTS test preparation ideas.

  • Make sure you are familiar with the IELTS test. Learn about the IELTS test structure, IELTS test pattern, and syllabus.
  • For IELTS preparation, read through the online IELTS study materials.
  • IELTS preparation literature should be gathered and properly read.
  • Find out more about each of the abilities: writing, listening, speaking, and reading
  • Improve your English language skills as well as your reading, writing, and listening talents.
  • Plan your IELTS techniques while keeping in mind the exam’s time limits.
  • Take practice exams now.

IELTS preparation is a process, and moving up a scoring band by one point requires roughly 10 to 12 weeks.

How can I be ready for the IELTS test in a month?

You may prepare for the IELTS exam in 2022 in one month if you have a good plan and the right IELTS study materials.

  • Daily completion of an IELTS practice exam
  • Study the best way to answer IELTS questions.
  • Acquire vocabulary
  • Concentrate on enhancing your listening and reading skills.

Free IELTS Material and Resources


Which is the best study material for IELTS?

As already mentioned, there are innumerable IELTS study materials available that can take your career to the next level. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS, Barron’s IELTS super pack, and IELTS practice test plus 2 are some of the best IELTS study materials. 

How can I study for IELTS by myself?

All you need to be familiar with is the test format, types of questions, content, etc. Do meticulous preparation with sample test questions, take help from Official IELTS practice materials and start voracious reading. 

How long do you need to prepare for IELTS?

It is recommended that 6-8 weeks of preparation is enough to prepare at its best for IELTS. This time of preparation will enhance your grammatical skills, reading speed, testing strategies as well as writing skills. 

These were some top options available for the IELTS study materials. Get in touch with Leverage Edu and get your dream IELTS score with our guidance. Book your free counselling session with us now!

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