How long are GRE scores valid?

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GRE scores valid

GRE is an exam that can help you pursue higher education in top universities around the world in several disciplines. The GRE exam pattern is considered tougher than SAT exam and other similar exams. You definitely would not want to retake the GRE exam suddenly. It is better to be prepared to take steps towards your career and you must do it before your GRE score expires so that you can retake if needed. Here in this blog we talk about the GRE score validity.

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What is GRE?

Before we go into the details of GRE score validity, it is essential to know what is GRE. It is one of the crucial tests one takes during choosing graduate schools. A high score can guarantee you a seat in the graduate academic institution of your choice. The GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test are one of the world’s largest assessment exams. It is conducted for graduate admissions by Educational Testing Service (ETS).  Over 5,00,000 individuals from more than 150 countries take the GRE Test each year. GRE scores of candidates are accepted around the world for masters and doctorate courses.


What Does The GRE Test Focus On?

To know GRE score validity, it is essential to know the test focus of GRE. The GRE consists of three compulsory sections: Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, and Analytical writing. The Verbal reasoning section will consist of short articles with few questions that you have to answer. The quantitative reasoning section will focus on mathematical problems and equations. In the last part, Analytical writing you will receive several questions, and you have to write essays on those topics given in the question. 

Where To Take The GRE Test?

According to the Educational Testing Service, you can take either a Paper Test or a Computer Based Test. The GRE test, unlike SAT, IELTS, and similar tests, is done individually. You can schedule the date and time of when you want to take the test and you can even choose where you want to take it, and pay the total cost of the test.

GRE Eligibility

There is no age limit for appearing in GRE. The only applicable eligibility criteria for GRE are mentioned below:

  • The candidate appearing must have completed their undergraduate program.
  • It is a global level examination, and it is available for students from all across the world.
  • Candidates who want to give this exam must be 18 years of age and above. 
  • Candidates can take this exam once every 21 days up to 5 years. 

GRE Exam Fees

  • You have to give the GRE Exam fees before you understand the GRE score validity. The application form fee for the GRE General Test is $213 that is around 17,381 INR.
  • At the same time, the GRE Subject Test costs $150, that is around 12,240 INR. If the applicant wishes to change the center or reschedule the test, they must pay an extra fee.
  • If the applicant wishes to cancel the test, they have to do it four days before the test day or the GRE will be relinquished. Applicants will have to pay $50 that is 4,080 INR. 
  • If the applicant wishes to change a GRE Subject Test subject, they have to pay $50 that is 4,080 INR for each change. 

GRE Result

The amount of time needed for your results to arrive depends on the mode of examination you took. The result of a paper test may take up to 6 weeks for the result to arrive through the mail. The Computer test results arrive within 2 weeks

GRE Scores Validity

GRE Score validity is for Five years. Educational Testing Service keeps your scores on file for 5 years. If you take the Exam on March 1, 2023, the result of the GRE is valid up to March 1, 2028. When the 5 years pass, Educational Testing Services automatically delete them and you would not be able to access your GRE account again. 


What is the eligibility for the GRE exam?

There are no such specified GRE eligibility criteria that one needs to adhere to. Except that you are required to complete a bachelor’s course as the GRE Exam is only for graduate and doctorate courses. 

What all Nationality can appear for GRE Exams?

There are no restrictions regarding nationality. GRE is a global level examination that is available for students from all across the world. 

How many times can I take the GRE Test in a Year?

A candidate appearing for GRE can take up to 5 times a test ( with a gap of 21 days ). This is only applicable if you either missed the actual test date or if you have canceled your scores in the test taken previously. 

Is a Passport required for GRE?

Yes, a Passport is the only document that is needed as Identity proof under GRE eligibility for an Indian Student.

Can I view my GRE scores online?

Yes, you can view your GRE Scores online. Once your official scores are reported, you will receive an email from ETS indicating you can view your scores online free of charge through your ETS account.

Can I use a calculator during my GRE test?

You can not bring your personal calculator. The GRE General Test includes an on-screen calculator for use in the Quantitative Reasoning section. It is to reduce the emphasis on calculation and to focus more attention on reasoning skills. 

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Hope we cleared your doubts on how long is the GRE Score validity. If you are worried about your preparation for the GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test preparation and need further assistance, get in touch with the experts at Leverage Edu. Sign up for a free e-session.

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