Let’s Understand the Importance of GRE Scores

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Importance of GRE Scores

To get into a reputed graduate school, a student requires more than just great undergraduate grades. While good grades are an effective indicator of someone’s academic potential, getting into graduate school requires much more than that. There are various ways to build your applications and a GRE score is one of them. Let us understand the importance of GRE scores in this blog!

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Test (GRE) is a global level exam conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) which can help you pursue higher education in top universities around the world in several disciplines. It is also amongst the toughest exams in the world and is available in both online and offline modes. This exam tests your critical thinking, analytical writing along with verbal and quantitative reasoning skills. It aims to help you prepare for the courses you have chosen to study abroad. GRE covers three different skill sets which are:

Example on Importance of GRE Scores

GRE test scores provide scope for comparison of various applicants using a common medium without any regards to work experience, UG GPA scores or the program taken by the candidate.

For example, if two candidates applied to Yale University and one has an undergraduate degree with 3.2 GPA from Stanford while the latter has a GPA of 2.8 from a lower ranked institution. The Yale Committee would naturally prefer the MIT candidate for Yale but, if both of the candidates’ other factors are considered and the committee gets to know that the latter applicant has a GRE percentile of 97%, they would definitely want to interview the latter candidate. This is how effective a GRE score can change the key perspective of your applications.

Great GRE scores are also effective for applicants who do not have a good GPA, work experience, or for candidates who graduated from lower ranked institutions. Thus, the importance of GRE test scores are greatly valued by these candidates.

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What is the Importance of GRE Scores?

What is the exact Importance of GRE Scores? How is it a common factor to determine ideal applicants and segregate them? So, just like GPA (Grade-Point-Average), the GRE scores also provide an objective and analytical indicator of a candidate’s academic prowess. But, GRE test scores can also be used as a common factor to compare applicants of different countries and socio-educational backgrounds, regardless of their institutions. The importance of GRE scores is that it also provides a measure of academic prowess that is common to all institutions regardless of grading standards and procedures as GRE is a common equivalent test. Thus, it is the same for all participants.

Putting it in Perfect Perspectives

Ultimately, the importance of GRE scores depends on the program that you are going to choose. GRE test scores are significant in evaluating candidates from graduate programs related to STEM than evaluating candidates applying for social sciences or humanities. If you are applying to graduate courses in theatre or history, GRE isn’t given a heavy weightage there. But, if you apply to STEM related courses, your GRE test scores will be a significant factor to evaluate your application. So, you should always research whether the course you are going to apply for required a GRE test score or not. Here are top three reasons that give you information regarding the importance of GRE scores:

  1. If you take up the GRE, it would automatically help you get into top institutions. Getting into top universities will also give you the exposure of other admitted students who are on par with you which means that you get to study and learn along with top students.
  1. GRE also helps a person analyze and determines his preparedness for a Graduate Degree and also his future. If you take up a GRE exam now, your test scores are valid for 5 years which means that you could take up the exam right now and apply for a great graduate school five years later.
  1. GRE test scores also give your applications a huge boost and advantage over different applicants who have applied for the same course as you. So, it plays a key role in helping an admissions head to select your application amongst thousands of applications.

Can GRE Prepare You For Graduate School?

GRE was basically created to help determine if a candidate was prepared for graduate school as well as their talent and potential for academic prowess. But, your scores will definitely play a key role in getting your applications selected in various institutions. Excellent scores can also help a candidate get scholarship awards from various top universities. 


What is the purpose of the GRE exam?

An essential component of the graduate school or business school application process is the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE. The GRE is a multiple-choice, computer-based, international exam that is frequently needed for enrollment in MBA and graduate programmes.

Who needs to take the GRE?

Many graduate institutions utilise the GRE to determine if a student is a qualified applicant for their programme. The GRE is frequently a crucial component of a student’s application if they intend to attend graduate school, business school, or even law school in some situations.

Is the GRE test difficult?

When compared to the SAT and ACT tests, the GRE test is frequently thought of as the most challenging graduate college entry exam. The GRE is a difficult exam, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult because of the difficult essays, reading, and vocabulary components.

Is GRE better or IELTS?

While the IELTS is a language test that is necessary for every non-native student, the GRE test scores are typically needed for admission to graduate programmes at foreign universities. As a result, it’s important to review your practise exams and show up for the one in which you feel most secure.

Thus, with this blog, we cover the importance of GRE scores. If you further need any assistance in getting your dream score, then Leverage Edu experts can help you with the preparation and application process. 

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