Fun days galore

And I grew up here. – also wondering if I am the only person on my TL who wasn’t addicted to video games 🙂 / & had a (typical?) 90s growing up years – study hard, play hard, fall in love etc etc.  

Wow, what a life that was. Taug… More

Surprise surprise

Bay Area, Summer ‘15: Used to do only trains/ buses back then -> ran out of money, my 🇮🇳
cards wouldn’t work. Had to do 3 change of stations aka different entry points.  

-> & had 3 strangers spot my stress at the vending th… More

Life lessons

There is an important lesson to take:

Our parents, grandparents, they are growing old faster than our speed becoming more and more ambitious.. important to pause, reflect, & share the most imp commodity with them – TIME.. Also, … More

Remembering my Nanaji

I lost my Nanaji this morning. I had a soul connection with him. I was his favourite. And he was mine.

I remember the campa cola machine as a 2 year old, of which we both used to drink cola, me breaking my hand with the glass while copying him one day… More

Calling the shots ahead

Blast From Past💥 

Realising in hindsight that having ears to the ground is perhaps one of the most useful things we’ve done to “spot macro trends” ahead of the pack!

And it’s made massive difference, when followed with early execution!

Can’… More