How to Give a 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction?

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How to Give a 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction?

The prospect of standing up in front of a room full of strangers and speaking for 60 seconds about your business terrifies most people when they first start attending networking meetings. “What should I say?” We are perplexed. “What if I continue to ramble or go off on a tangent?” “How do I keep track of time?” I’m constantly running out of time!” or even “I can’t think of anything to say in 60 seconds!” So, here’s a 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction. It does not matter what you are and why you are doing something; an elevator pitch is a must-have tool to show off your career and to break an awkward silence. If you want to know more, then keep Reading!

Create Your Elevator Pitch Story

The central part of an elevator pitch is about crafting stories while keeping them brief. An array of topics, such as the biggest accomplishment or the project that features above your skills, must be highlighted. However, things that can be found on your resume, just as your skill set or discussion about your latest job profile or position must be excluded. You are not required to cut time out of 60 seconds, and you can introduce yourself simply by reiterating your resume. 

You won’t craft the speech in one swoop, thus take the time to consider everything valuable you could say about the career. Then make a list while keeping impactful phrases and valuable experiences in your resume. It may take revision during creation as well as months following. You must always keep your introductory speech ready as well as update it with acquired skills and experiences to show yourself. 

Instead of something like this:

My name is Shrushti Vishwas, I received my undergraduate degree in journalism from Georgia College. I’m proficient in Digital marketing, highly trained in Hootsuite and Google Analytics, and proficient with various social media platforms. I’m currently interning with ABC company’s marketing department and have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects.

Go with something like this:

I am Shrushti Vishwas, a recent college graduate with a bachelor of business administration with a concentration in journalism. Specialising in social media marketing and search engine optimisation, I can offer you a creative approach to social media marketing that can help increase engagement and generate brand awareness. 

Having diligently worked with the ABC association while completing my undergraduate degree, I worked closely with numerous clients in developing an organic social media campaign with incredible outcomes as well as increased traffic to ABC’s website, as well as fostering a community between the association and other professionals.

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How to Give a 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction

When you only have 60- seconds to introduce yourself in English then what are the major things you would say? Here are the three basic parts to giving an impressive 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction.

Who are you?

First, you are required to explain to people who you are and this can be initiated by saying your name followed by what you are doing. This could also include your job title or your qualifications. However, you can also start by sharing information about where you are from.  

Give some background or context.

The second part of the introduction is to provide one or more details about yourself which are in the context of your background. Further, this can also be about something that you specialize in or that you have been working on or why you decided to pursue a degree or course you are currently enrolled on or the back story. However, you must remember that all this is going to be for 60 seconds, thus it must be crisp but precise. 

Why are you here?

The next part of your introduction is to address the next person what are your goals or why are you at a certain place. This can be for example if you are currently pursuing a coding class now, why? If you are trying to sell something then you must try to excite your listener that what is the best part and why they must hear you. You are also required to end with a closing in case you are not going to continue speaking. 

Word Count for 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction

If you are talking at the same pace as a native speaker then you are most probably going to end your 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction within 150 words. Thus when you write your introduction exactly as you are planning to say it, you get a good idea of how long your introduction is going to be. When you have a word count of more than 150 words then you need to practice speaking faster than usual, which can be hard for some people to understand or remember at the end. When your word count is less than 150 words which are only possible when English is not your first language and it is completely normal and acceptable in this case, you should still have a word count of about 100 words at least. 

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Reasons why you need an Elevator Pitch?

Here are four reasons why you need a 60-Second Speech for Self-Introduction, whether you’re looking for a new job or are happy with your current one.

Awkward small talk wears thin quickly

We’ve all been to a company event where you curl up with your coworkers to avoid making the dreaded small talk. You become separated from your group while either refreshing your drink or going for a second round in the buffet line. That is when it occurs. You’re standing next to someone you’d like to work for, or the CEO is stopping by for a company-wide event, and you’re at a loss for conversation starters. With an elevator pitch in your back pocket, you’ll never have to worry about awkward small talk again. After you finish your pitch, your introduction will most likely help the rest of the conversation. You avoided small talk and impressed the CEO. It’s a win-win situation.

You never know who you’ll have to impress

An elevator pitch isn’t just for business events. It is possible to impress a peer with your knowledge. You might be having dinner with your spouse’s coworkers, or you might be attending a high school reunion and want to show off your accomplishments to your former classmates. You can change your elevator pitch depending on the situation. Instead of explaining why you should be hired, explain why you are the best at what you do at your current job. Understand your audience and tailor your speech to them.

You may not always be employed

Let’s hope you’re not in this situation, but just in case, you should have an elevator pitch ready, especially if you haven’t been to an interview in a while. The elevator pitch is an excellent tool for getting you back in the game and leaving an interview feeling confident. An elevator speech introduces you to a recruiter, highlights your best talents and skills, and opens the door for additional questions along the lines you’ve opened.

You may need to sell yourself occasionally

We all go through slumps where we don’t feel like we’re living up to our full potential, and sometimes we need a wake-up call. You can sell yourself to yourself if you can sell yourself to a hiring professional. Your elevator pitch is a tool for emphasising your achievements and demonstrating what you do best. If you’re feeling down, remind yourself of all of your great accomplishments throughout your career and why you truly are the best at what you do.


What should a 60-second introduction include?

Your brief introduction to a potential employer should advertise your skills and strengths, highlight your education as it relates to the position, and be tailored to the specific situation. This is your chance to show off your enthusiasm and personality. Avoid providing any personal information.

How do you start a self-introduction speech?

To learn how to write a memorable introduction speech, follow these steps:
Begin with a powerful introduction.
Discuss the topic of your speech.
Make your story relevant to the audience.
Include examples.
Examine the overall tone and errors.

What is a 60-second personal statement?

It’s exactly what it sounds like… It’s a brief introductory description of your background, experience, and career value that you’ve memorised enough to say confidently at any time.

So this was all about how to give 60 Second speech for self-introduction. For other such informative yet interesting blogs, check Leverage Edu’s website. You can also book a 30-minute free counselling session with our experts at 1800 57 2000 if you’re planning to study abroad.

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